Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Well Hello There - It's a Juggle, WIP

Long time, No see...

I am pleased to say the juggling jester has finally showed his face.

But before I get to that part, this is what went on before I got to that:
This project has been sitting on a shelf in the corner (like a naughty child who has been sent to the naughty corner to have a good long think about it) since.... checking back, February. This is the last photo I shared of him, headless and missing half his pants.

The whole thing had come to a grinding halt, when I discovered the second trouser leg did not fit at all. I had somehow managed to stitch it with a completely wrong curve...

First thing, I discovered when I pulled all the bits and pieces back out, was that my line drawing was no longer with the rest of the stuff. Goodness knows what I have done with those? I still have the initial sketch, but I had resized it so had to make a new 'pattern'. 

I had been a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to match the 'lacy' frill on the cuff of the pants. I don't do needlelace often enough to have tension and that kind of thing as 'down packed' as I would like but I think it turned out ok. 

The wee chap looks happy enough, skipping across the hills in his new pants, don't you think?

I have a 'million' thing I should be doing, but they are a lot less fun than this, so because his feet now looked so happy, I just had to make his head. A torso on legs skipping across hills, just looked too wrong!


That is so much better. A happy chap, he is going to be. 

Have a lovely week everyone.
Best Stitches,
Anna X


  1. Hi Anna, it's nice to meet your happy chap ;)!
    That must have been frightening, to see that his trousers got a completely wrong curve....but you solved this problem very well, as usual, I think you're so inventive in solving things!
    I must say that I now even love more that hapy chap skipping across the hills in his new pants. He seems very happy for having his trousers on and that he got a happy face ;O. Fantastic and beautiful work!
    Have a nice week.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thanks Ilona - I guess that is what happens when you leave things for too long.

  2. It turned out great. His pants look just right. :)
    And he is a merry fellow. :)

  3. Lol ! He radiates happiness ! :) x

  4. Ooh, I love the jester! Although flowers and paisleys are traditional and some of my favourite designs, it's nice to see something contemporary and different.

    1. Thanks Megan, I do tend to do a lot of flowers, so it is nice to stitch something different from time to time.

  5. Ha ha, Anna, I am So glad he "showed his face" at last! The idea of the Headless Jester starts to take on a Life of its own.... let's not go there! This fellow surely will brighten the day when he is all done! And I know how you feel when you leave something "waiting" while you do other stuff, only to find the parts aren't right when you get back to it....! What happened? Did you misplace something important....? what were you thinking...? etc. etc...!! I am glad his legs are now dancing together with his face...! And his hands are looking great too! :):)