Sunday, June 16, 2019

I see light...

It was the most glorious winter day today, and I spend most of it in the garden - something I haven't done in a very, very long time.

It wasn't the plan for today. We just had to bring a couple of trailer loads of firewood down from the back paddock..
It was such a beautiful sunshine, I thought... "I might pull just a few weeds while I am out here"...
The climbing rose really needed a good 'hair cut' and while I was at it, I might just prune the bush roses also..
There were more weeds in the front garden, and the sun was still shining and it was just so nice outside. Way too nice to go inside.
I will sleep well tonight!!!

But a lovely sunny day, is not what I was referring to.
I start to See Light at the end of my 'To Do' list. 

My To Do list has been oh So very long, for oh such a very long time, and (almost) all of it, must be ready before I head back to Bangkok in a few short weeks.

It feels like I have had weeks and weeks without yielding a needle. The scary thing is that I was so busy doing 'non-stitchy' stitch-business, that I didn't even feel like stitching.
But then... mid-week, when I first spotted that light at the end of my very long list.. and realized that what is left on it, is very much achievable before I board the plane.. the inspiration and need to 'make something' rolled in. What a relief.

So I got off the computer (great) right in the middle of drawing diagram number-goodness-knows-what, dusted off my sewing machine (needed) and made a pillow (fabulous).

Remember 'Stars of Winter'? It was way back in March that I stitches this little panel and it has been sitting around, waiting to be made into something. Well, it finally happened. I tapped into my Scandinavian roots, rummaged through my fabric stash and made a pretty pillow. It was raining that day, just to explain the candle-light mood, LOL.

Those little red blanket stitch flowers with dark navy dots are my still my very favorite part on this design - I am very sure, they will reappear on other pieces in the future.

With the pillow made, photos taken (boy it is hard to get decent photos of this one...!), instruction booklets done.... I have spent tonight getting the KIT for Stars of Winter ready for the shop.
The panel is not as complicated as it may look. Just like 'Jewels of Summer', this panel 'Stars of Winter' is designed particularly with beginners in mind.
It it worked using a few of the most common stitches: Blanket stitch, Chain stitch, Detached chain (lazy daisy), Fly stitch, French knot, Pistil stitch, Satin stitch and Stem stitch.

I am in the process of putting together Stitch Libraries for my patterns, so that all the stitches will be in one easy place for you to print off. It is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and it is still a work in progress but you will find the FREE download for the first two patterns HERE.

The week ahead will again be busy sorting this and that, and packing kits, so time will tell if I manage to fit anymore stitching in...
Fingers crossed.

For now, I feel tired after a sun filled day of fresh air and content knowing I am getting there.
Best Stitches,
Anna xx