Thursday, September 25, 2014


Before heading off to Thailand and Denmark almost a month ago, I had the best intentions of posting a bit along the way. Seems I have failed miserably. Why? Because it was simply Four Amazing Weeks with not many minutes to spare...

A whirlwind teaching tour in Thailand with classes in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. What an amazing opportunity. I am so grateful to my lovely host Pao for inviting this 'stranger' to teach at her light-filled and beautiful studio, Pak-Ka-Pao-House. Her husband Kob, my chauffeur, tour guide, photographer and everybody's chef, preparing our delicious daily lunch feast. My other fabulous host Ping Pong made certain my fly in - fly out trip to the Hobbyist Studio in Chiang Mai was a treat and I could not have asked to a better and harder working interpreter than my new friend Gib. Four days of classes with great enthusiastic stitchers, buzzing with energy and curiosity. Everyone exhausted and happy at the end of each day. You can't ask for much more than that.I already look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Next stop...

Broderi Skolen, Copenhagen
Talk at Haandarbejdets Fremme Seminarium, Copenhagen
Two days of crewel work classes at Broderi skolen in Copenhagen and a visit to Haandabejdets Fremme Seminarium the textile academy where I  completed my training quite some time ago now. I was there to talk about what I have been up to since finishing my degree. Boy was I nervous. Not so much about the talk itself but the thought of doing so in Danish, which I have hardly spoken in more than 10 years was a little nerve wrecking. It is amazing though how quickly a language can fall back into place - not too many funny or strange sentences... I think.

And last but very, very fare from least...

...good times and great meals shared with my family and friends. Getting to know the two 'new not so little ones' was the ultimate treat. When looking at their age, it is rather obvious that it is a very, very long time since I last visited and I am very determined that it won't be that long before I see them again. Apart from children growing taller and new additions, it did not feel at all like it had been such a long time. We just continued where we left off last - Simply wonderful.

I spent every day making trips and visiting. One day we passed my childhood home where Adrian and I also got married many moons ago. Still standing and looking pretty as a picture in the sunshine. In fact the weather was stunning the whole time I was there. Perfect for bike rides with my dad through the forest and along the water near where I grew up...

Morning mist over the water behind my brother's house. Evaporating into a perfect day with picnic lunch on the water. The stuff dreams are made off. Really.

With Beating Around the Bush starting this weekend it is back to reality. Kits to pack and things to prepare. It is going to be a massive week, teaching and catching up with friends.

Best stitches,
Anna X