Thursday, December 24, 2020

Good health & happiness

I wish you all a 

Safe and Happy Christmas!

Tonight our little family will be enjoying Christmas Ever together. Just Adrian & I, our boys and partners. It is small. It is (relatively) quiet. It is special and I am grateful. 
~ ~ ~ 
I wish you all a Happy & Joyful Festive Season in whichever shape and form it may be. Look after yourselves and your loved ones, even if that means being apart for a bit. 

I have lived a long, long way away from my maternal family for more than half of my life. I still miss being with them this time of year - it doesn't get any easier. 
To everyone who are unable to spend the festive season with their loved ones, perhaps for the first time, I know how tricky it can be and I hope you can find alternative ways to stay connected and together. 

Warm Wishes,
Anna XX


Monday, December 14, 2020

Now where was I...????

I never intended to have a break from this project, but it has been a couple of months or more since I last worked on it.

I do remember, I had a very clear idea how I was going to stitch the remaining elements in this design - trouble is, I don't remember what those great plans were.... ups!

I rarely tend to make notes or stitch plans in advance, but this time I really wish I had!  Luckily, I had at least marked out some little details on the next elements, before the project was suddenly side-lined.

After scratching my head for a little while, I remembered...

The plan was to fill the group of leaves with fly stitch, shading from the blue-grey at the lowest points through the three shades of green. 
It feels really good to be back working on this project. With this section finished, the lower half of the design is complete.

Now I will turn it 'on it's head' and start working on the elements at the top (easier than reaching all the way across). Now I just need to remember what the plan for those were....?

Have a lovely week everyone. 
Anna X

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

It's a Juggle

 He is finished.

It has taken me ages, with so many other projects in between, but he is finally done.

The bead buttons and belt. Then the hair and the jester's crown. For the crown, I had to turn him on his head and stitched the longest needlewoven picots and added bells (gold beads) at the tips.

He wears shiny golden slippers on his feet - Perfect for skipping along the path.

He looks pretty pleased with his final outfit, don't you think?

So now, he is ready to head to framer so I can have him ready for where he is going next. I think, I can safely tell you. I decided a little while back that wanted to give him to my eldest son and my very soon to be daughter-in-law when they tie the knot. (as so many other weddings it was postponed, so my other finishing job was to change the date on it. - They better not change it again). 

I hope they will like it.

I have called this piece 'It's a Juggle' - that is life, isn't it? 

The trick is to remember to pick up the balls when we drop them.  

Have a great week everyone, and thank you for stopping by.

Best Stitches,

Anna X

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Change of plans

Things this week didn't quite go to plan. I kept meaning to get back to the juggler, but there were always other little (and bigger) jobs that I just had to deal with first - before I knew it, another week had passed by.

I did finish something else though. Remember the Little Mermaid? 

The Little Mermaid, Goldwork embroidery

She has been pinned to pin board for months. I enjoyed looking at it there, but it did need to finished off properly. 

So during the week, I dusted off my sewing machine and finally got around to turning her into a little pillow. 

I deliberately kept it pretty simple using a natural coloured linen for the back and piping. 

It looks rather nice on our sofa.

But it is not staying there. I can't tell you where it is going.. you know - just in case.

~ ~ ~ 

I have had another 'little' side project on the go for some time now and it is almost finished.

Another thing on my pinboard above my desk is this quote:

"We don't stop playing because we grow old;
We grow old because we stop playing" 
- George Bernard Shaw

You see, when I don't stitch, or am at work, or tinker in my garden, or tend my veggie patch or help with what needs to be done in the vineyard... I play. 

It all started a few years ago, when I needed a serious distraction. So I built myself a dolls house. It is just a small house. It has a toyshop on the bottom floor, a living room above and a student lodger living in the attic room. You can see my Toy House  here.

The picture of is of a little rug I have been stitching for the apartment above the shop. And yes, it is cross stitch - Tiny cross stitch. There is no exact thread count because I am stitching onto calico! I had a piece in my stash with a weave that resembles Aida cloth. 

I had found this picture of an antique rug online. I really liked it and used that as the basic idea. It is not an exact match, but close. 

I don't do any cross stitch in 'real life' (full size), but I have been having fun tinkering with this on-and-off. Mind you, I must admit that with just one last border to finish, I am looking forward to having it finished. 

Next week is definitely back to the Juggler - He too needs to be finished!

If you are starting something, finished something or steadily beavering away in the middle of something - I hope you have an enjoyable week doing what you enjoy.

Stay Safe & Keep Stitching,

Anna X