Thursday, December 24, 2020

Good health & happiness

I wish you all a 

Safe and Happy Christmas!

Tonight our little family will be enjoying Christmas Ever together. Just Adrian & I, our boys and partners. It is small. It is (relatively) quiet. It is special and I am grateful. 
~ ~ ~ 
I wish you all a Happy & Joyful Festive Season in whichever shape and form it may be. Look after yourselves and your loved ones, even if that means being apart for a bit. 

I have lived a long, long way away from my maternal family for more than half of my life. I still miss being with them this time of year - it doesn't get any easier. 
To everyone who are unable to spend the festive season with their loved ones, perhaps for the first time, I know how tricky it can be and I hope you can find alternative ways to stay connected and together. 

Warm Wishes,
Anna XX



  1. What a gorgeous Christmas greeting, existing of your amazing artwork!
    This text is so well written, dear Anna, I can feel your emotions in your words, it touched my heart. But it's as you say: we'll never get used to this sort of distance (and especially now), being without our beloved ones.
    Here we will celebrate our Christmas Eve online, by video chat, and every child and partner in their own homes, just as we celebrated our Saint Nicholas party. I'll see my two year old grandson from a distance again, as I did over this whole past year and I'll never get used to it. Of all my adult children I miss him most, I miss so much of his development, his hugs, his laughter and funny, or crazy moments, but I know it's for a good purpose, so let's go on till we get better times....
    I wish you and your beloved ones a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy New Year!!
    Stay safe, take care, dear Anna.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Anna! My family is also far-flung and Holidays are not when we gather any more. Even though we are all in the USA... it is a big land and we are thousands of miles apart (and even airports don't get us much closer!). Thank heavens for technology!!!
    I am glad you could celebrate quietly with loved ones! Keep the spirits up and stay safe! I look forward to seeing more beautiful projects in the New Year!