Friday, July 14, 2017

Crewel panel WIP

This is where I was at last time I shared the progress on this project...

I had hoped to finish two large leaves including the branches before leaving for Thailand, but I didn't quite get there. Yet, I am quite please with where I am at...

First; I finished the three little, paisley shaped leaves closest to the trunk.. the ones you can see part done in the first photo. I have used these leaves in several designs before and never seem to tire of them. The inner leaves are worked in very closely stitched Cretan stitch (one of my small leaf favourites - Note to self: do a step-by-step on them one day) and the outer paisley shaped outline is coral knots.

Next leaf is hanging up side down below the branch. A simple laid trellis with satin stitch filling and the 'curled over section' another favourite stitch: burden stitch. Yes, it is a burden when you first have a go at it, but as with most things, it gets easier with practise... I just love the texture it forms.

Finally; the large leaf. I had fun with this one... working out the stitch and colour combinations.

The small leaves are again... Cretan stitch. I just love that plaited vain this stitch forms when worked really close and tight.

The leaf is filled with seeding. I used a warm, golden yellow and graded it to a beige-yellow closer to the outer edges. Usually I will use the same colour throughout, but..

... the outline was planned to be blue. Since blue and yellow are contrasting colours I wanted to soften the transition between the two and the best way, I thought, was to soften the tone of the yellow where it touches the blue...
I think it worked.

 At the top, the blue blanket stitch edge turns over. This means the purl edge of the stitch needed to change from the outside to the inside. This is done by working a few stem stitches to create a smooth 'roll' of the edge.

I completed the upper part in long & short stitch, neatened the inner edge with a line of stem stitch in the same colour as the pale seeding and finished with a twisted chain stitch for the scroll at the tip.

 So this is where I go to. It is coming along rather nicely and I am already looking forward to stitching more in a few weeks.

For now, I need to decide what smaller project to pack to keep my hands entertained on the flight and in the evenings at the hotel... Perhaps I am slightly nuts, but I know nothing better after a day of teaching and watching others stitch, than getting my hands onto needle and thread.

Best stitches,
Anna X

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Alpine Experience - Crewel Embroidery WIP

I have begun packing... 
... not for the Alpine Experience just yet, but for my teaching trip to Bangkok in a couple of weeks. Usually I end up in a bit of a mad packing scramble just before leaving but for once I have managed to be a bit more organised. 

All the kits for 'Over the Pond', 'Jewels of Summer', 'Joyous Dawn' and 'Sweet Honeysuckle' are all in bags ready to go! It took me most of the week to pack kits for the four 2-day workshops. It will be busy, but I am really looking forward to going back to spend time with my Thai stitching family.

I have been making a bit of time between packing to work a bit more on my Crewel Embroidery tree and the first of the large leaves is now complete.
This project is going to have quite a few different laid fillings. This is such a fun way to fill the larger, more solid shapes.

I started with a simple laid trellis for the main part of the leaf and stitched French knots in the grid. The outer edge is stitched in closely worked blanket stitch (buttonhole). I love this stitch for narrow edges! Stem stitch is used to neaten the inside edge and the is also used in close rows to fill the small leaf in the centre. 

I embroidered the turned over tip with long & short blanket stitch along the lower edge to make it blend into the main section of the leaf and then filled the rest with long and short stitch.

A few of the smaller sets of leaves are almost finished as well so this is where it is at.

Next, will be the large leaf on the lower right hand branch. I am thinking it would be nice if I was able to at least finish one large leaf a week....
We'll see how it goes.

Best stitches and a happy Sunday,