Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blanket challenge

It is not always difficult stitches or intricate designs that I find the most challenging...

... this time around, embroidering a blanket in three weeks almost got the better of me. An embroidered woollen blanket can be a daunting project at the best of times. This one is for Inspirations magazine and the time for photography was brought forward by two weeks - so my time frame to get it designed and stitched was kind of tight to say the least.

Of course I could have kept it really, really small and simple I guess. Well in a way it is. There are no tricky stitches and everything is big and bold. If I was to count the individual stitches there are actually not that many. It was the colours that caused me more trouble than usual. It is kind of puzzling, because teals and blues are among my favourite colours but for some reason they proved rather tricky to work with and get right for this project. As so often when I design, I find there is no way of really knowing if something will work or not until the stitches are in. I had a rough colour sketch but no matter how or what I use for colouring in, it always look so different once done in thread.
I can't help but thinking if working to such a tight deadline somehow made it harder for me to get it right, but this project certainly gave me some grief. That large daisy for instance was stitched three times before I was finally happy combination of colours and stitches - not something I really had time for. And the dots - all gone now. I usually like dots, but after having scattered them all over I stood back and took a second look and they just didn't work...
... so out they came. With all that 'reverse stitching' the birds will be happy. The birds? Yes the birds. I usually throw all the thread tails into the garden - my friend Di told me how she did it, and I like the idea of softly lined nests all through our garden. So yes, the birds will be happy

 Is it going to be finished in time? Yes, just one more little flower to go and overall it has worked out pretty much how I envisaged. Do I regret having to unpick? No, as always, seeing the finished embroidery makes it all worth it - it might just be a while before I throw myself into a super short, shorter than normal, deadline.

Now back to those last few petals.
Anna x

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fine morning

I 'stole' a few hours this morning!
I love embroidering in the morning - it is my favourite time to stitch. The light in my room is beautiful and there is just something about embroidering in the morning, it always feels like a bit of a luxury.

I have been working on so many wool projects lately and on my table was a very, very long To-Do list, which really I should pay attention to. But I pushed it all to one side and sat down with a some nice, clean and smooth silk. Ahhh...

If you think it looks familiar it is because it is a larger version of the stumpwork Honeysuckle I was working on a little while back. The small one was designed for a two day workshop coming up in November and it was always my intention to embroider a larger version. It has been sitting in the hoop for a few weeks now and today just felt like the right day to get a bit more done.

The two projects use exactly the same stitches and threads, the only addition on the larger version is the small leaves and sprigs along the stem. Other than that all the elements will simply be repeated a few times to make up a bigger design. The idea is that the smaller piece in a way can act as a practise run for the bigger version. It has also proven useful for me, checking if the instructions make sense.

It was only my intention to finish the leaves - but then of course it did need a little colour.
Now I really must set it aside, take the dog for a walk and then - then, I better try and get some ticks on that pesky list of mine.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Happy stitching,
Anna X

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

With my heart

It was my wee blogs birthday yesterday and it kind of snug up on me a bit.

Ok,I did realise it was around this time last year that I took a deep breath and clicked the 'publish' button for the first time. It was scary... really, really really scary! I was uncertain and excited and was at the same time pretty sure it was just about one of the most crazy ideas I had had in a very, very long time. But you know what? It has been rather amazing, surprising and wonderful so far.

I have honestly been overwhelmed, and positively so, by where my little blog adventure has taken me and while pondering on this Sunday afternoon, I made a little heart. It is just a teeny weeny heart - just for you.

A little token of my appreciation, a thank you for keeping me company and taking an interest in what I am up to - it really means a lot to me. If you would like one just click here.

I know - you can only have so many scissor keeps (this pair happened to be on my desk and make for a nice photo). You can of course use it for anything you like, or with (naughty word warning) Christmas around the corner, why not make a whole lot for your tree?

I hope you have a lovely week.
Best Stitches,
Anna x

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunshine sunday

I think spring sprung this weekend.
There are daffodils from the back paddock,
 ...the apricot tree is about to burst,

 ...soon we will have plenty of peas
for now the carrots are ready,

 ... freshly baked walnut bread and creamed honey on the front porch. 

Not particularly 'springy', but nice all the same.

... and my most favourite of all favourite spring things -

 in the front yard. 

Yes, spring has most certainly sprung! 

Tomorrow is a special day - until then, enjoy your Sunday,

Anna x