Fine morning

I 'stole' a few hours this morning!
I love embroidering in the morning - it is my favourite time to stitch. The light in my room is beautiful and there is just something about embroidering in the morning, it always feels like a bit of a luxury.

I have been working on so many wool projects lately and on my table was a very, very long To-Do list, which really I should pay attention to. But I pushed it all to one side and sat down with a some nice, clean and smooth silk. Ahhh...

If you think it looks familiar it is because it is a larger version of the stumpwork Honeysuckle I was working on a little while back. The small one was designed for a two day workshop coming up in November and it was always my intention to embroider a larger version. It has been sitting in the hoop for a few weeks now and today just felt like the right day to get a bit more done.

The two projects use exactly the same stitches and threads, the only addition on the larger version is the small leaves and sprigs along the stem. Other than that all the elements will simply be repeated a few times to make up a bigger design. The idea is that the smaller piece in a way can act as a practise run for the bigger version. It has also proven useful for me, checking if the instructions make sense.

It was only my intention to finish the leaves - but then of course it did need a little colour.
Now I really must set it aside, take the dog for a walk and then - then, I better try and get some ticks on that pesky list of mine.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Happy stitching,
Anna X


  1. I love the gold touches on the stems. Looking forward to seeing more on this project.=)

    Another way to handle the 'To Do' list is to allow 10-15 mins stitching as a reward for completing certain tasks - esp. the ugliest task, which according to the late Randy Pausch (the time management chap), should always be done first.

    Have a good w/e!=)

  2. That's really pretty! I'm doing the workshop, and I was wondering what the bigger piece looked like. Now I can't decide if I want to do the big one or the smaller one...

  3. Que preciosidad!!! Una maravilla. :)
    Saludos ;)


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