Friday, February 5, 2021

Crewel Work Reflections

 I wanted to finish my crewel embroidery inspired by William Morris within a week since my last post (3 weeks ago) and I did - Well almost....

I had a couple of really good stitching sessions before it again came to a grinding halt. Can you spot that is missing in the picture above?

First; I had quickly completed the three leaves above the main fruit (artichoke, perhaps?) which I stitched in satin stitch with with stem stitch veins.
All I then had left to embroider were the two flower sprays on either side.

While working on the piece, I had been really unsure about which colours to use for these. When it came to finally stitching them, it suddenly just fell in to place and I used the run of greys with just a little bit of blue-grey accent. 
So far to good, I was on a real roll - the end was in sight. Until....

... I had just three... Just three tiny little petals to go.. and I ran out of that one shade!!! 

Now you would think that with a stash the size of the stash I tend to have, I would have a skein 'floating' around somewhere, wouldn't you? But no. Isn't it always the way? So irritating.

I couldn't get to the shop for a couple of days and when I did - shock, horror - they too were out of stock of that one colour. Sigh! 
A few days later on my way to work, I finally managed to get (the last in stock) colour I needed and finally, finally the piece is finished. 

'Reflections' crewel embroidery by Anna Scott
by Anna Scott

I am so happy to have it finished. I was curious (and perhaps even a bit apprehensive) about the colour palette of grey and gold when I started, since it is not colours I have 'played' with before. It has been really interesting working with these shades. At times I was worried the greys would be too bland and drab or the golden yellows too brassy and 'in your face.  In the end, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 

I have even managed to name the piece ~ REFLECTIONS. 
As I have mentioned before, finding a title I am happy with for my pieces is sometimes a bit of struggle and this one was rather tricky. For some reason, I had in my head that I wanted a single word title.
I was thinking about how this design is inspired by William Morris designs and if I could somehow tribute it to Morris. I try not to copy, but there is no way of denying the influence of his design in this piece - a 'Reflection' of my appreciation of  his work. 
And when I stitch, I think and ponder - my mind goes wandering. While stitching this, there was another Reflection; My thoughts often wandered to a friend of mine, who is dealing with some pretty nasty health issues. A Morris devotee, her love, knowledge and enthusiasm for anything 'Morris' is contagious. I feel this design also is a 'Reflection' of her influence of my appreciation of Morris' work. 

I still need to make the panel up and yes, it will be another pillow - although it would make a spectacular large tote bag or chair seat. 
I have started working on instructions and ordered everything I need to make kits for you, so hopefully I will be able to have it in the shop within too long. 

In the meantime...
Partway through this project, I mentioned doing a little tutorial for how I stitch Cretan stitch leaves. I never got around to it (sorry) but I have been thinking:
In this project, I have used three different stitches for the small leaves (not counting satin stitch) so next week I will show you those three stitches and how they compare and can so easily be interchanged. 
Stay Tuned...

Have a fabulous weekend. Stay safe & Keep stitching
Anna X