Sunshine sunday

I think spring sprung this weekend.
There are daffodils from the back paddock,
 ...the apricot tree is about to burst,

 ...soon we will have plenty of peas
for now the carrots are ready,

 ... freshly baked walnut bread and creamed honey on the front porch. 

Not particularly 'springy', but nice all the same.

... and my most favourite of all favourite spring things -

 in the front yard. 

Yes, spring has most certainly sprung! 

Tomorrow is a special day - until then, enjoy your Sunday,

Anna x


  1. Carrots in spring! What a nice series of photos. What is the first purple flower?

  2. We are so lucky we can grow stuff all year around, so yes carrots in spring :-)
    and the purple flower... no idea, but it is pretty isn't it.


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