Thursday, April 1, 2021

Pillow with Braided Cord Trim

It is done.

I have made the crewel embroidery into a pillow 

And now that it is done, I wonder just why it took me so long.

I knew, I wanted the pillow edges somehow and had thought about using my Simple Edge Pillow pattern

Simple Edge Pillow made with

This pattern forms a narrow, flanged edge that can then be decorated with stitching. I have used it for several of my crewel work pillows, like Scarlet Glorybut I felt the Reflections design needed something a little more substantial and decorative - some kind of decorative braid.

I had a (very half-hearted) look around for a suitable braid, but finding something the complimented the embroidery would not be easy, so I decided to make my own using the same yarns as I had used for the embroidery. 

I figured that making one long braid would be near impossible, so I started by cutting bundles of yarn to make four braids - one of each side of the pillow. I blended two tones of yarn for each bundle.

Even though I know, braids take up quite a bit of yarn, it still caught me by surprise just how much yarn I needed to make the braids long and thick enough. 

Making the four braids used up very close to 6 full skeins of yarn, one of each colour used. 

Here you can see the braids laid out around the embroidery. The colours work, and the thickness is ok, but what to do about those knotted corners?

After sewing the pillow, I hand stitched the braids to the pillow so they lay flat over the seams. I then untied the knots before securely winding and stitching the ends at the corners. Then I trimmed them and fluffed them up - a bit like a pompom. 

I have mentioned before, that I really don't like the 'making up' part of an embroidery project. Having said that, once it is done, it really is very satisfying.

In between grape harvest, work and pillow making, I have finally also managed to get the REFLECTIONS KIT for this design ready. 
To everyone who have been asking and waiting for it - I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your patience - Thank you!!  
Without you, I would not be doing what I do so I want to do something a little bit special for you in return. Please use the coupon code REFLECTIONS at the checkout to get  10% OFF your Reflections Crewel Work kit.

The kit is will also very soon be in the Etsy Shop for those of you you who prefer to shop there. The same coupon code works there also. 

For me. We harvested our last lot of grapes today, so I am going to just catch my breath for a day or two; catch up with our boys, and (because we are lucky to be able to) maybe relax for a day with extended family. Then, I am about to start something new....  

To those of you who celebrate: I wish you a lovely Easter.
To those who don't: I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Best Stitches,
Anna XX


  1. This is lovely, Anna!
    Will you have just the PDF of this pattern available for sale?

    1. Thank you so much.
      I have a whole list of older patterns to be converted to PDFs, so I will get to this one eventually.

  2. Hi Anna, I just wanted to say that your embroidery on this cushion is so beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much Jill.
      Have a lovely Easter.

  3. Thank you so very much for sharing how you made the braided cord. So handy when we have multi colors we want to match.

    1. Hi Bren, I am glad you find it helpful. It is so tricky to find the perfect match when it comes to cords.

  4. WOW, this is beautiful, love it!!
    Stay safe.
    Happy Easter to you and yours, Anna.
    Hug, ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona - I hope you have a happy and safe Easter

  5. Hi Anna! Your braided trim is beautiful and finishes the stunning design just perfectly! I just finished attaching faux mini "pom-pom" trim to a couple of miniature pillows and it was very challenging to do! But satisfying in the end. I Love the look of the "pom-pom" tassels at the corners of your pillow! Keep up the great work! And stay safe! :)