Monday, January 18, 2021

Picking up where I left off

I find it hard to believe it is almost a month since I last posted anything! 

A bit late, but Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you have arrived well and safe in 2021. I  feel quite certain, that I am not the only one, happy to get to the end of 2020 and looking towards the new year with quiet optimism. Sure, it is not going to be quick or easy, but I do think the worse is behind us. Besides, I think if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we are all a lot better at dealing with change than we were just a short 12 months ago. 

I had be best intentions to finish my crewel project before the end of the year. You may remember, I finished the lower section midway through December and I felt it would be really nice to able to start the new year without anything left over from 2020. I did try hard to complete the top half of the design between Christmas and New Year but didn't quite make it. 

Tilly is happy to lend a paw around the place. Especially if it involves chasing sticks or getting a ride on the quad looking for rabbits. 

We left for the family beach house straight after and I haven't picked up my needle again until last week. The beach house, is the only place Adrian and I go and do absolutely nothing. It was wonderful and much needed. No chores, no computer, I (almost) didn't checked emails and hardly opened my phone for almost a week. Bliss! 

Back home, this time of year is busy in the vineyard and in the garden and, oh we had a wedding last week. Our eldest son and his sweet girlfriend got married on Saturday - YEAH! It was a gorgeous wedding, I didn't know he was such a sweet, romantic softie!! Of course, they both looked beautiful, the ceremony was so touching, the venue fabulous and the party that followed simply so much fun. 

With all the festivities behind us, I think it is time for me to seriously get on with things.. first thing being finishing the crewel project. It has now been on my frame for much longer than I like so my goal for this week is to finish. As you can see, all I have left to do the three leaves above the main flower (or pomegranate perhaps?) and smaller flowers on either side. How hard can it be!?  Let's see how I go! 

Have a wonderful week everyone! Stay well, Stay safe & Keep stitching,

Anna XX


  1. The color gradient in the flower head is beautiful, the effect is amazing. It looks if you are painting with needle and thread.....very artistic.
    How nice that you had a good rest at the family beach house, Anna, but the news of the wedding of your eldest son and his girlfriend must have been the highlight, my congratulations to the just wedded couple and good luck for them in the future.
    Good luck with your intention to finish the crewel work.
    Stay safe, take care, dearest Anna.
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Hi Anna! Congratulations on your son's wedding! They do look Happy and well suited!
    I hope their start on married life goes well in spite of all the covid difficulties.
    Your stitching looks Gorgeous! I do love Gray... but have not often thought of it paired with gold! And then this year my Christmas Card turned out to be predominantly those same colors! Muted, subtle, but warm in spite of the gray.... silver and gold!
    I look forward to seeing the rest of the pattern finished! Stay well and keep stitching!