Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Dressing up

I am making some progress on my Jolly Juggling Jester.

This week he got dressed. 
I am stitching his jacket as little needle lace pieces, one piece each for the sleeves, and jacket fronts. I had originally pictured the jacket to in brighter colours, but no matter what combinations I tried, it just didn't work. In the end I have used a slightly shaded silk (Gumnut Yarns 'Stars') in a camel/mushroom colour with vertical stripes in rust. It is colourful, but not bright and, I think, settles the bright red pants and yellow ground a bit.

I forgot to take pictures while stitching the first pieces (sorry), but here is one of the last jacket front in the making. The pin is there, just for size. All the jacket pieces are stitched in corded detached blanket stitch onto to a temporary ground. You can see where the right hand piece was done. I use a very stiff vilene (buckram) then place my pattern onto that and hold it in place with adhesive plastic. This gives me a good ground for attaching the cordonnet (the outline) which holds the shape of the needle lace.

The picture above better shows how the pieces are layered before the last jacket piece was stitched in place. First the sleeves and then the jacket front over the top. I have neatened the visible edges with buttonhole stitch (tailor's buttonhole) which is different to blanket stitch and creates a firmer edge.

And... All dressed. I still need to add a belt or some kind of closure. The little cap is just the start of his hat - which, I think, I worked out how to do, while walking the Tilly this morning. He also needs ears and hair.. and, of course, balls to juggle. Getting there one stitch at a time, but I really need to have it finished by the end of the month, so I'd better go sharpen my needle. 

Just before I go...

... you may have been wondering what happened to Mother Hen, the last raised embroidery piece and needlebook projects I did a little while ago. Don't worry, I haven't given up on these kits. In fact both have been sitting on a shelf, as good as ready to go for a couple of months.. waiting on... just two silks to arrive. I ordered them months ago... long story. They are on their way. As we all know, post and shipping is more unpredictable than ever - but as soon as they arrive both the kit for the picture and the needle book will be available in the Etsy SHOP (and on the new website - as soon as that is ready..).
If you want to make sure you don't miss out.. please feel free to Email Me and will make sure I put one aside for you.

Have a lovely week everyone.
Stay Safe, Stay Home & Keep Stitching,
Anna X


  1. Just beautiful Anna, this is a piece of Art

    1. Ahh Meri, Thank you so much. I hope you are keeping well. X

  2. Jugglers suit looks fantastic.
    I love the photo of mother hen.

  3. Your juggler is beautiful already, sparkling in its shaded, but oh so gorgeous, colors!
    Mother Hen is an artwork, I LOVE it!
    Stay safe, take care, dear Anna!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Your needle lace is so neat. I did a similar thing when I did my son in laws wedding suit for their wedding present and I felt like I had to learn how to be a tailor before stitching the parts. Your piece has a happy feel to it.Look forward to the new website.

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  6. Hi Anna! I think his jacket looks wonderful! I am fascinated by this three dimensional stitchery! Someday.....!!! :):)