Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Stitching a rock

I just couldn't give up on my Little Mermaid after all.
After my initial disappointment of not sending it off to be part of the 'Lost Connections' project, I decided to finish it after all.
This is what happened:
First, I realised that I would need my slate frame for my new crewel design, since my second frame is not quite wide enough.

Secondly. When I brought out the Mermaid frame and was about to take the embroidery off the frame to scrap it, I knew that I really wanted to try out my idea for how to embroider the rock. If I took it off the frame, I was not going to put it back on and for what I had in mind for the rock a hoop would not work as it would damage the areas already completed. In the end, the idea for the rock won over the urge to scrap it.

It had puzzled me how I was going to stitch a rock in gold, without it looking well like a giant gold nugget. The Mermaid needed something to sit on, but I didn't want the rock to look heavy and lumpy which in reality is what rocks are.

I had chosen a fine Imitation Jap gold thread. It is very shiny, and this particular thread is softer and more fragile than what I often use so it damages very easily.
I started by couching it along the outline and then curling it into a coil at the base.

I continued coiling it until the circle was filled. 
As this was not planned from the beginning, I had to carefully draw a rough line to work to in pencil. You can the faintly see the line for the second coil to come in the picture above.

I repeated this for a second coil. This made the outline wider and 'finished' the lower edge of the rock.
By this stage I was starting to feel a little happier about the whole thing and slightly confident that it might just turn out the way I had envisaged.

 Since I didn't want to fill the rock in completely, I added just one more coil on the left... 

.. then repeated the process on the right hand side.

The rock may be finished or maybe not... I am not sure yet. It is getting there, but perhaps it will need 'something' else. I will ponder that for a bit.
Now back to the reasons why I have decided to finish...

... Thirdly, for some reason, it feels really wrong not to finish it. I regularly abandon things (or put them on prolonged hold) but for some reason I cannot explain, I just want to finish this one before I move on. Go figure....?

What I do know, is that I no longer want the wording 'Lost Connections' written as the main feature. It no longer makes sense.
My problem is that I have marked it in permanent ink! So now what? I think, I have a plan - but if it will work is another question....
I am hoping to have some time to stitch over the next few days and test it out, so I will show you soon.
If it does work, it will lead to my...

.... Last and most important reason to not abandon my Mermaid: I have thought of another use for it (no, it won't be a kit), but that too is a story for later.

Enjoy the rest of your week, stay safe and look after yourself and those around you.
Best Stitches,
Anna X


  1. .....and the fourth reason for not abandoning this gorgeous work is that I loved it from the early start of working out this idea, Anna. No, I'm just kidding ;O)!! But I do understand your reasons though.
    But now you made me astonished by embroidering, sorry coiling, these rocks, wow. It looks like there are waves of water rinsing along the rock, making it wet in certain places just as water do. My English is not well enough to explain what I mean, but I think you get of what I mean. The coiled thread makes it sparkling in a beautiful and natural way...
    Regarding to the text above this work, I'm with you that it's no longer needed....?
    I so hope that you'll continue with this gorgeous work.
    Stay healthy and take care, dear Anna.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Dear Ilona, I know exactly what you mean about the coiling thread, and that is what I had hoped for and I am so pleased that you can see it.
      Stay well,
      Hugs Anna

  2. I love your rock solution! It gives the mermaid something solid to sit on as the water swirls around her.perfect.

    1. Thanks Janet, I am so please that you can see what I intended to do.
      Stay well,
      Hugs, Anna

  3. Very intresting idea! I like it very much.

    1. Thank you Kamelia, I hope the next stage goes to plan also.

  4. Hi Anna! I am glad to see you couldn't give this one up! You had already put so much loving care into it! I LOVE the way the rocks are developing... what a brilliant idea to swirl the gold like that! The rest of the rocks must have some shadows.... but I am sure you have ideas that will astonish me with their intricate beauty! I look forward to seeing more! Stay well and keep stitching! :)

  5. Hi Betsy, yes for some unexplained reason I cannot make myself shelve this one. And now that I know what to do with it instead, there is no reason not to finish.
    I am pleased you like the rock. Time will tell if I do more stitching to or not, for now I am need to solve my text problem.
    Safe distance hugs,