Thursday, December 5, 2019

Hands On - It's a Juggle, WIP

I have made just a little more progress on the juggling jester this week.

I had made his hands last week, but only just found time to put a bit more work into his arms yesterday so that I can begin stitching the sleeves.

Hands are SO fiddly. They are made by wrapping fine wire with silk threads. First five individual fingers, that are joined and wrapped together to make the hand. There are some more detailed pictures HERE. Laying next to a toothpick, can see how small the hand are.


Putting the hands on the piece is fairly straight forward - I place them with the excess wire and thread tails along the arm and secure them. The wire and threads, double up as 'padding' for the arms.  I then added a bit more string for the arms.

I quite want my jester to be a bit long and lanky, but these wee, skinny arms needed some 'serious' padding and besides, I am thinking of some kind of puffed upper sleeves.
So I decided to leave the lower arms skinny and added some felt for padding and shape to the still-to-come sleeves.

Despite his hands being so small, they look a little bit big and out of proportion - I am hoping once the coat, hair and hat goes on, they will be a better fit. Fingers crossed.

Sadly he will now have to go back on the shelf for a bit as I have another deadline looming before Christmas. The brief: stumpwork, a cute animal, not too much work and not too difficult...
That should be easy, right?... After pondering for months and starting to secretly pulling my hair out of lack of ideas and inspiration, I am finally on my way and will have something to show next week.

I hope you have a fabulous week everyone.
Best stitches,
Anna X


  1. Hi Anna! I think that you've made a lot! of progress, your juggling jester looks wonderful already. Being not a stitcher myself, I didn't know how you makes his hands, but it's genious! You'll see at the end it will all comes together. Have a fab week too.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thanks Ilona, I have so little time to work on this at the moment because of deadlines for before Christmas. But every little bit helps, right?
      Have a lovely weeks,

  2. Since he's a juggler, his hands will form the focus of your artwork and they should be prominent as befits their importance. He's going to be just lovely!

    1. I think so too Megan - they just look huge at the moment.

  3. Oh how cute the hands are so nice

    1. Thanks Gonda, I hope it will all come together when I (finally) finish it.

  4. I'm amazed of how the hands are made. Look amazing!