Friday, September 27, 2019

Two stitches forward...

... ten stitches back.

I sat down yesterday afternoon, thinking that with a solid few hours of stitching, I might finish my Very, Very Berry bird. I had finished the bird, stitched all the berries and started work on the branch and leaves - it was coming along nicely.
But then, I sat back and looked at it...

... it was turning green!
It was starting to look too much like my Dawn Chorus which I love, but I don't feel the need to repeat.

In my mind, I want this little panel to be more blue than green I have a beautiful piece of fabric in my stash which is part of my inspiration.

I had started stitching the leaves blanket stitch in shades of blue-grey and then added fly stitch veins over the top using the same yellow-green that I had used for the bird's body. I then continued the yellow-green in stem stitch along each side of the stem to outline it.
I like the way the stitches work, but...
.. the piece was definitely turning green.

I was quite sure the only way around it was to rip out all the yellow green. Which of course would mean I had to pull the legs out also because the toes are stitched over the top of the branch... SIGH.
... I promptly put it away to sleep on it.

So this afternoon, before 'attacking' the whole piece, I added a different colour, a pale green-blue for the veins and along the branch and that was much more like the look I was after.
Another bigger SIGH and out came the rest of the leaf veins + the stalk for the berries in the birds beak and the three below - they were too green also.

If you scroll up and down and compare the picture above with the one a little further up, you can see just how big a difference a single makes. Isn't it crazy.

I am now pretty much back to where I started but I feel much, much better about it now. I think, the rest of the leaves and berry stalks are done, the overall feel and colour will be just as I was hoping for. Fingers crossed, there won't be too much more 'reverse stitching' on this Very, Very Berry bird.

Next big decision is what to do with it? Any suggestions?
I had thought of a project pouch, but then again, I do need a wallet for my 'stuff' and passport when I travel. Hmm...

We are heading off to the beach for a couple of nights, just to catch our breath. It will be really nice to get away for a few days of R&R. I am not sure yet what I will take to keep my hands busy (if I feel the need). There are plenty of lovely walks and the weather is looking promising, so I may not do any stitching at all. We'll see.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Best Stitches,
Anna X


  1. To be truth I love both versions. ;)
    What next. A wallet?

    1. I too like both colour ways - I just had the bluer version in my head.
      Not sure what happens next....?

  2. Hi Anna! I know exactly what you mean about one tiny thread color making such a difference! I have the same issues with my painting! (You are, after all, painting with thread!) I have often thought I had made a mistake with a color, only to add another fine layer or texture of another color and completely change the dynamics of the whole! I often do a "test sample" when I am concerned and don't want to ruin a project! (Watercolor is very unforgiving!) Your little birds are looking lovely and I really love the grayer tone to the leaves! The leaves in Autumn are often drab compared to the fresh greens of spring! I hope you had a lovely time away! :):)