Sunday, September 8, 2019

I finished Before Dawn

... well, I wasn't up stitching before dawn, I am not an early starter by any stretch of the imagination, but I finished the little piece of doodle stitching I have been working on.
When I showed you the piece a bit more than a week ago, it looked like this...

BEFORE DAWN - Work in progress
You may remember I was filling the last background area with close rows of stem stitch... it is oh, so very slow, but I really do like the look of the smooth almost woven look when it is finished.

BEFORE DAWN - detail
I was using the pink and adding lines of the same straw colour that I used for some of the dots for this section and I was not completely sure about these colours. Looking at it finished, I think it works - pink, but not too pink. What do you think?
Next was the last sparkly dot filled with chipping...

Chipping is a goldwork technique where a fine wire coil called a purl, is chopped into tiny pieces (sorry about the blurry photo). Each piece is about as long as it is wide, and yes - tiny.

They are then stitched down, the same way you would a bead. Each little chip in a different direction. When you use a check purl, you get this lovely sparkly finish.
With the last dot done, the only thing left was the French knots..

 A river of French knots...

... and, Ta-daaaa

BEFORE DAWN by Anna Scott
I have had it sitting on a table for a few days now, trying to decide which way it up and I think this is it.
This has been such a pleasure to stitch and as much as I wanted to finish, I (like always) feel a little bit sad and at a loss now that it is finished. Lucky I know just the cure for that...

... start something new!

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend.
Best Stitches
Anna X


  1. Totally gorgeous!!!! Good luck with your new adventure.

    1. Thanks so much. Now I just need to work out which 'new adventure' to start next.

  2. Wow!!! Those sparkly dots do add just the right "zing" to the whole thing... gives it movement and life! What an amazing process to watch you construct this! Please give us more!!! :):)

    1. Aww Thanks so much. I really did love stitching this piece.

  3. Amazing work. I love all the details.

  4. How beautiful! What an incredible amount of work you put in on it. I had never heard of chipping before, so thank you for showing the process. I love the sparkly dots.

    1. Thank you so much Deborah. I am glad you found the little show 'n tell helpful.