Thursday, September 19, 2019

Colour & Kits

It has been a quiet week for me stitching wise, with my needles sitting idle for the most part, with time taken up by all sorts of other 'stuff'.

Firsty, I had the most fabulous weekend with a regional embroidery group in Pt Pirie, 3 hours north of Adelaide. I was teaching crewel embroidery which I always love, but with the added twist playing with colours. Mostly I will teach from one of my kits - well most kits start life as a class project - but this time, I didn't include yarns and everyone had to choose their own colour scheme. I have learnt that for many stitchers, choosing colours can be really daunting, so it is nice to be able to help and encourage people to be have a go.

Autumn Gold embroidery design
We were using the design for Autumn Gold, notes were printed off in black/white and the group didn't get to see my version until after they had all chosen their colours. Oh and what colours..!!! It so exciting and so much fun to see the many different variations (sorry - forgot photos) from delicate & pretty,  daring, dynamic, vibrant, muted.... reds, pinks, greys, golden yellows, blues, greys and black....
Everyone made great progress over the weekend and seeing the designs taking shape in so many beautiful shades was just delightful for me.
The group has promised to send me pictures of the pieces as they finish. I really, really hope they do. I get so excited when stitchers add their own personal twist to my designs.

Back home, we have been busy making kits, both for coming workshops in Canberra and Tasmania but also for the SHOP.
I suddenly realized I had completely forgotten to put the latest Goldwork kit, Tulip Moon on the shelf - That is now done.
There is only 4 kit sets to start with. I do have another 4 very close to ready, but I am waiting on one of the needles to arrive so I can finish them.

This project is only little (7.5cm / 3" in diameter) so it is very manageable. I designed it as an introduction to the technique, so it is stitched with some of the easier goldwork techniques.

I had a little, turned wooden pot in my stash and popped my piece on the lid. I do think this is my favorite goldwork piece to date... I always feel like that when I finish, but this one I am particularly happy with.

On another shop note: Sadly postage is getting more and more expensive and there is nothing we can do about it except: I am offering FREE SHIPPING for orders over AU$100 until the end of September.
Why? No reason - just because I can!

Happy Stitching,
Anna X


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! And how perfectly is fits on the lid of your box!

  2. Thank you so much. I usually like to frame 'stuff' mostly to keep the dust off, but this one was 'asking' for something a little more special.

  3. This Tulip Moon design is so beautiful! And it was wonderful idea tu put it on the lid.
    I hope you will get those photos from the workshops - I'm very intrested how the different colours turned out.

    1. Yes, I really hope to see pictures. It never stops to amaze me how different things turn out just by changing a colour.