Slowly, slowly.....

... and then all of a sudden.

There was a snail, eyeing off the fat, juicy strawberries. He will get there, slowly, slowly.

Above, drawn in by the sweet scent of strawberry flowers, is a busy bee. She is the same I have done before (HERE) except I made stitch the wings much simpler - just two little silk ribbon loops.

The, before hard to see, flowers have been cut out and stitched in place with fluffy, tufted Ghiordes knot (Turkey knot) centers.

Last, but not least, the four wired leaves. Also cut carefully cut out and stitched in place.

And so, slowly, slowly, I got there. My 'Strawberry Feast' is finished.

Thank you so much for all lovely comments. I wish you all a Happy Easter and a lovely, relaxing, peaceful long weekend.
Best Stitches,
Anna x


  1. Too beautiful! Happy Easter and all good wishes to you too!

  2. At last the cheeky snail :) and the added bonus of a glorious bee. It really is a beautiful piece. Will you be selling a PDF of this piece? A very Happy Easter to all your family.

  3. WOOOOW, Anna, this is beyond awesome, you've emboidered these tiny and amazing tiny creatures and strawberries in 3D!! And's absolutely a masterpiece, and I, being a lover of the creations of Mother Nature, LOVE it!!
    I wish you and your family a relaxing, and peaceful, but also Happy Easter!!
    Mini hugs, Ilona

  4. I love absolutely everything about this work! And the furry bee is so sweet! :)
    Happy Easter!

  5. It's lovely, Anna! I love the leaves and how dimensional and organic it is! Happy Easter to you, too!

  6. I enjoyed following along on your strawberry adventure. It's so beautiful! Happy Easter to you.

  7. Beautiful Beautiful stitching! This is so lovely, and clearly takes time and skill... someday I will try the fancy stuff! Your instructions are very well done and make it look so easy... if slow! :) Strawberries are not yet blooming here... but soon! Happy Easter Anna!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous always! I will never ever forget your face (and comment!) at my attempts to do a snail and a grub on my Portiere quilt......made it up as I went!! Gosh that is 9 years ago! Hugs xx

    1. Thanks Michele -yes time flies when you are having fun :-) What ever happened to that quilt???


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