Monday, February 25, 2019

Sweet Repose...

... was the kits I was putting together.


Thank you so much to everyone who emailed their guesses and lovely messages to me. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your interest and support in my work!!
Without all of you, I would not be doing what I do and for that I am truly Thankful
💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖

* * * And the winner is * * *

To draw a winner, I counted out all the emails and Random Result to pick email no. 8 a winner.
A kit with border fabric is now winding its way across the seas to Ruth in New Zealand.

Last week was so busy, but having spend yesterday just quietly milling about at home and going for a quick dip in our friends pool, 
I am ready for the next project which is just as well as I have quite a few on my list to be done. First up will be 3 new projects to be ready for classes in Thailand early July and, blow me... I need to have submissions in for Beating Around the Bush 2020 by early May!!!! Gosh, I feel I have not even caught my breath since the 2018 convention.

But today, I am just going to tidy up my work space. I find that is the best way for me to 'reset my head' before starting something new.

I hope you have a wonderful week.
Best Stitches,


  1. Congrats to the winner Ruth!
    So many plans, Anna, how lovely for you!
    Yes, for me it works the same: tidying up my work space always gives me a fresh start for creating new things. And, of course, because I than find some of my stuff back, including new inspiration hehehe ;).
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Dear Ilona, it is never the plans or ideas that are the problem - it is the time available to do it LOL.
      Have a lovely week.
      Anna x

  2. I am sure Ruth will be over the moon to receive your lovely kit. I hope she will send you a picture when she finishes. I can imagine that you send your kits to far flung ends of the world. I can just see embroiderers working with those colourful threads during the dark, short days of winter.
    Tidying up my workroom is certainly my way also towards “making space” for creativity.
    The sun is just rising here in BC at 0709 HRS. The wind is wild, seagulls and eagles riding the air currents while the ducks battle against it on their way to feed in the fields.
    The temperature is just below 0C. Not cold for a Canadian winter as on the West Coast it is so much milder than the rest of the country.
    Looks like we will have a blue-sky day today.
    Regards Janine

    1. Blowing some warm air your way, Janine. Hopefully that will cool us down (just had another heatwave withe several days in a row above 40C) and get spring on the way in your part of the world.
      Anna X

  3. Congratulations to Ruth ! :) It has been pretty wild weather today here in Cornwall UK too ....Storm Freya ....but it has quietened down this evening .

    1. I hope nothing blew away! The one good thing about cold windy weather is that it gives you a good excuse to stay indoors and stitch.
      Anna X