Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Finishing hills - It's a Juggle

Between netting the vineyard and teaching last week, I have been fitting in only a bit of stitching on my raised embroidery figure 'It's a Juggle' since I last showed you where I was at.

I embroidered the (yellow brick) road in rows of coral knots. It kind of looks like pebbles now I think, and I rather like it. I might still add rows of even smaller knots between the ones I have finished, but I am not quite sure, so for now it is a wait and see.
Next, I had to neaten the top of the hill and couched a fine gold metal thread along edge and looking forward to stitch my 'daisy meadow'.

I have been looking forward to stitching this flower meadow look ever since I started this piece, but because the way everything overlaps, I had realised I had to finish the other bits first. By using a variegated thread the shades of the daisies land somewhat randomly.
When I finished it, I was rather disappointed...
I don't want the hills to 'steal the show'. They are merely there to anchor the figure and I was concerned this one was too busy for what will be happening later..

Before making any rash decision, I stitched the other side of the large hill. The pattern on this one is much more subtle. It is worked in a very simple pattern darning stitch - close rows of running stitches in a set pattern.
To add just a teeny bit of colour variation, I have used a shaded stranded silk for this one and I am rather pleased with the way the stripes of the colour offsets the vertical stripes of the stitched pattern.

Stepping back and looking at the overall effect of the hills it was a very quick and easy decision to rip the daisies out... Boy do I dislike pulling out chain stitches! I swear it takes at least twice as long as putting them in!

So, two step forward and one step back, I restitched the last bit of the hill to match the other side of the road and I am so much happier with how it is looking.

With the background finished, I can now move on to embroidering my figure. It will be fun and fiddly to create the individual pieces of needlelace for his clothing and the thought of the tiny wired hands makes my fingers ache before I have even started....

The rest of the week will be busy catching up on 'non-stitching' bits and pieces, much of it in in front of the computer. With a bit of luck I am hoping to be able to steal just a wee bit of time here and there and spend time with my Jester friend, but we'll see.

Best Stitches until next time.
Anna X


  1. I am sorry that you lost the daisy meadow; but I quite understand your reasoning. Love how this is coming together. I have so enjoyed these pieces of yours; they make my heart sing :)

    1. Thanks so much, I am glad they bring joy to others than me.
      I know, I had so been looking forward to it. I guess I will just have to think up another piece where they fit better.

  2. J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites.. cette colline est très belle, avec tous ces points variés...
    belle journée à vous

  3. Merci beaucoup, je suis content que vous l'appréciez

  4. Hi Anna! Now I better understand that your embroidery is like juggling, but I love what you did with the hills.... At first I thought, oh no, she has removed those wonderful daisies, but reading why and after I saw the result with other stitches, I think you're right about that. I love seeing how this work is growing and changing into one of your masterpieces :)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. You did quite a lot. Hills look very nice. I'm not sure which version I like more - with or without daisy meadow. Both look great for me. But I understand why you changed it.
    Love the colours.

  6. I also was sorry to see the daisy meadow go.... it looked like a little bit of magic sprinkled at his feet.... but I do understand the requirements of overall composition.... so I am sure you are "dancing" to the vision in your head and we will be enthralled and astonished as we see it unfold! I can't wait!!!