Friday, November 2, 2018

Crewel & Colour

I have been out of action for almost 4 weeks now - needless to say; it is driving me crazy!!!
One thing is being too unwell to go to work, but being too unwell to do anything around home is just horrible, right?!

Anyway, I dosed up on painkillers this morning to just play with some yarn colours for a new crewel embroidery design. It is for one of my two workshops at The Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia's Summer School in January so I really kind of need to get moving.
In most workshops, the design is all planned out, colours and all but for this one the participants will be working using their own colour palette. I did a similar workshop for the Guild years ago using Jacobean Leaves and it was awesome to see the many beautiful variations of  colours people came up with and how it changed and personalised the design.

I know from experience that once I show my colour choices it makes for some people to visualise their own, so this post will be the only one where I share pictures in colour. 
I still need to stitch my version, to work out stitches and colour distribution, so I do have some decisions to make because I am not going to stitch this in all the colours of the rainbow as the first picture show (could be kind of fun but it is not big enough - LOL).

Laying in bed (which I sadly do a lot of lately), I suddenly had the idea that stitching the new design in my favourite colours teal and coral would work well. The colour scheme would be somewhat similar to the TULIPA bird, but in reverse - much more teal and less coral/orange and more teal.

Dusky blue-greens and terracotta is a somewhat traditional colour scheme often used for crewel embroidery. I find that if I choose shades of blue and reds with less black in them, I get a slightly more contemporary result. I liked the colours when I laid out the bundles to get a rough idea of the palette but then again...????

Looking at the original picture with the colour wheel it might be fun to do something really bright and chirpy... like my woollen Spring Sonnet blanket from Inspirations issue 68 (the pattern is available HERE).

It could be fun to do something really bright and fresh and summery...

While I ponder and decide on my colour scheme (I might well end up with something completely different) I thought, I could at least make a start by getting the pattern transferred and the fabric framed up. One flower, one stem...

... that is as far as I got before my body tells me that is enough bending over for now. Better than nothing, isn't it. At least I have made a start and it feels SOOOO much better having had a bit of yarn in my hands even it is only for a very short while.

Best stitches,
Anna X


  1. Sorry to hear that you have been crook ( lovely Aussie word that). Look forward to seeing what your class does in January..pity I can't stretch to doing another class, but maybe another time. Get well soon!

    1. It is a great word, isn't it? I am sure the class will be fun.

  2. Oh, my! That is a long time to be sick! I hope it's not serious... Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!

    1. Thanks Rachel, so do I but I am afraid this one is going to take some time.

  3. I absolutely love your color wheel, Anna, it must feel so good to do magic with these beautiful colors, like you can do! I just read that your still in so much pain, so again, I wish you a speedy recovery.
    Hug, Ilona


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