Thursday, December 14, 2017

Santas, a Freebie and finishing trees

On a 42 C day you may be forgiven for forgetting that Christmas is just around the corner. There is absolutely no snow in sight (not even a cool breeze), the idea of firing up the oven for some Christmas baking is about as crazy as feeding ice to an Eskimo and the rain deer will have to wear thongs (flip-flops) not to burn their hooves when they land on the hot tin roofs. But in the area where we live there is no chance of forgetting that Christmas is almost here...

.... a new tradition has taken hold and there are Santas EVERYWHERE. When Tilly and I are out walking, we spot new ones every day. This is one we found this morning in somebody's paddock. We spot them up in trees, behind trees, on surf boards, in deck chairs, climbing fences... the list goes on. The other day, someone put one in a dingy in the middle of their dam.. sadly the boat took in water and sank.. poor Santa had to be rescued. 

Today I finished the pattern for the New Bag I made last week. I have put it on HERE with my other FREE Patterns. On this one, the embroidery is used to form a pocket on the front and the way it is made makes it suitable for all your small(ish) embroideries. It has three inside pockets as well and the handles are long enough to sling it over your shoulder. I hope you will find the pattern and the bag handy.

When is comes to stitching, my needle has been quiet, but the good people in my stitch groups have made up for my slack!!! 

Last night was the last week of the Stitch Tree workshop. We were missing a couple of people and I took a couple of really, really bad photos (sorry ladies) so I can't show you all of the trees. Aren't they fabulous?
We now have a bit of a break, Stitch & Chat will return early January and I have my thinking cap on for workshops at the Gallery starting in March...

Best Stitches,

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  1. Beautiful, I loved your embroidery designs. Especially that bird you made is too adorable. Keep sharing your amazing talent with us.