Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday Stitches

After taking Tilly to dog training this morning and spending a couple of hours in the garden, my plan was to finish the diagrams for the Apple Thief crewel project, but I really, really, really felt like doing a bit of stitching, so picked up one of my 'Out & About' pieces instead.

I started this one on the drive to Arkaroola about a month ago (let's blame the blurry photo on the gravel road...)
I call them my 'Out & About' because they start life as my 'doodle' stitching when I am away. Usually, I pile a small bit of fabric, small hoop and whatever threads catches my eye in a bag.. usually about 5 min before I head out the door, so there is not a lot of thought going into it LOL.

I hadn't really done much on this little piece (approx 10cm (4") square) since we got back but last week I found this lovely thread. It is a stranded silk from Colour Streams, appropriately called 'Uluru' the indigenous and proper name for Ayers Rock. 

One of the ideas behind these 'Out & About' pieces is only to use threads from my stash (believe me, there is plenty to choose from!) but I simply could not resist this one, the colouring is just perfect and inspired me to pick the little piece back up.

I added just a single little hill, not sure I will use any more for this one... time will tell. I am quite excited now to get back to work on it.

'Out & About, Koh Samui' 
When the main colours are finished, I will be adding a drizzle of gold sparkle, similar to my last little piece (Started on my last trip to Thailand). It won't need much...

'Out & About, Koh Samui' Detail
... just enough to make the colours pop.


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I hope you too are enjoying a lovely, stitchy Sunday afternoon.

Best Stitches,
Anna x


  1. I might win? Wow!! Linda Granger 1961girl@gmail dot com

  2. ola lindo trabalho muito criativo adorei ,parabéns e boa semana bejs

    1. Thank you Lucia - I hope you have a lovely week also.

  3. Very beautiful and pretty. It’s amazing how quick decisions can be so effective, especially after spending so much time on bigger pieces!