Monday, August 7, 2017

Back home

We have been back home for a week now.

[pic of home]

The trip to Thailand was (as always) fabulous! First up, 8 days of classes at Pak-Ka-Pao House Studio in Bangkok. Thank you again so much for inviting me back! Thank you to all the ladies who joined me, filling the studio with so much enthusiasm, keen to

After such a fun, busy and ??? week I was looking forward to a few days of doing as little as possible!

Farmer John flew up and met me at the airport and we headed south for a week of R&R at the lovely little Mimosa resort on the north coast of Koh Samui. Bliss! Better still, we met up with my siblings, nephew and niece. Since all my family is living on the opposite side of the globe (in Denmark), we don't often get to spend an awful lot of time together. We have often talked about organising a holiday to the same spot but it has never eventuated until now.
So we talked and laughed, enjoyed mountains of good food, had massages and read books, enjoyed happy hour and took in the scenery by the beach, swam in the pool and swam in the ocean, ate some more... the main question several times a day: "where shall we eat?"

Considering just how bad I am at doing nothing - I think I succeeded and found myself as relaxed as I have been in a long time. I only wish our boys could have been there too, but that was not to be (this time).

Back home (it is cold, windy and wet and we have been without power several times) and the past week has flown by; catching up on orders, catching up on emails, getting back to work, getting back to stitching.
I really, really need to get some of my latest projects written up, but first there is a piece of stumpwork to be stitched.

Last year at Beating Around the Bush, some of the participants asked what I would be teaching in 2018!!! Just of-the-cuff, I answered "How about a stumpwork lyrebird?"
It always surprises my how the simplest thing or comment can spark an idea for a new design. I had never given lyrebirds a second thought before, but the idea of a lyrebird has been slowly brewing at the back of my mind since.
I sketched up an interpretation of this not very colourful but still magnificent bird as one of my submissions for next year's event - now I will need to stitch it and quickly.
October 2018 might seem a long way off, but the team at Inspirations are already well underway with putting the programme together and for that they need pictures so it is back to work.. !
How lucky am I that my work is so wonderful??

Best stitches,
Anna XX

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