Thursday, June 8, 2017

Making a start

I am feeling a little 'scatter-brained' at the moment. It feels like my 'to-do' list is as long as my arm, I am trying to get too many things started, finished or written all at the same time and I feel like I am getting now-where. Do you know the feeling?
The good news is that when it gets too overwhelming I catch my breath the best way I know how - and stitch.

I have made a start on the new crewel panel. I embroidered the trunk of the tree in block shading. I have not done a lot of this stitch before. It is basically just blocks of satin stitch and it grew quickly once I realised it was impossible to get it even without some lines as a guide for the blocks. Even then a few a little 'wonky' but I don't think 'wonky' enough to start again...   We'll see.

At the top, where the trunks turn into a branch, I turned the block shading into a a double blanket stitch. The two types of stitches seem to merge quite naturally without getting a 'break' in the stitching. 
Of course there had to be fruit of some sort. I didn't want to repeat the fruits from the 'Apple Thief' and this is not an apple tree so I had to think of something else.

I have stitched them partly using one of my favourite stitches: whipped spider's web - I use it all teh time. I just love the raised texture and regular pattern of the whipped spokes.
The tops are closely worked blanket stitch (or buttonhole) and to finish off, I put a colonial know in the middle of each spider's web. Looking at the colours, perhaps these are acorns?
So this is where I am at...

It is nice to have started and see some colour.
Next up, leaves, I think...

Happy Stitching,
Anna X


  1. Anna, I love your transition from block shading to blanket stitch! I must remember that. Genius!

  2. it's looking lovely, the block shading works so well! I too have a massive to-do list, a lot longer than my arm though!

  3. I think they're persimmons. True, the "blossom end" is a little big, but that playing-with-perspective is part of what makes Jacobean crewel so charming!
    And a great way to do the tree trunk!

  4. Do you ever teach in Melbourne?

    1. Hi Bobby La, I haven't yet, but you never know what the future brings...