Friday, May 26, 2017

Ready set stitch...

With my linen twill finally arriving, I am ready to begin my next crewel embroidery project. I spent yesterday preparing it and getting it on my frame.

I had thought the design was going to be too big to transfer using my lightbox and that I would have to prick out the pattern. Not that I mind that method, but it is so time consuming. Luckily it just fitted - well, not quite, it was a wee bit too large, but I was able to pin it firmly in place and slide it across to get the full pattern drawn on.

I never draw my crewel work with solid lines, but mark them with rows of tiny dots with a permanent pen. Why? I find the lines much easier to cover that way and it imitates the way I was taught to do pricking.. Unlike the method commonly taught and used, I don't use pounce, but a permanent ink which means there is no need for painting over after - it just leaves permanent rows of teeny, tiny dots.
And then I moved....

... well not as in moved house or anything, just stitching spot.
We have an amazing rumpus room, rarely used. It overlooks the vineyard and since we had a large tree taken out, is filled with sunlight.
I couldn't think of a better spot to sit and stitch.
It turned out my biggest slate frame wasn't big enough. So I have set the piece up on a roller frame and will see how it goes. If I am unable to maintain the tension on the linen, I will have to get hold of a larger slate frame.
As you can see, I have not laced this one. It is strung up with cotton tape and pins at the sides. I prefer this method for larger pieces. It is easy and quick to adjust... mind you, it is no good for finer fabrics, but for medium weight linen and twill I find it works really well.

 With my little colour sketch stuck to the wall and a pile of wool next to me I am ready to go. This is going to be so much fun..

Wishing everyone a happy, stitchy weekend,
Anna X

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  1. HUMMM une broderie bien belle à venir... tentante, aussi...
    belle journée à vous