Saturday, May 20, 2017

Perfect timing

Last week I stitched a sampler of the white goat for the next crewel embroidery panel I will be working on.
Of course, I couldn't just have a lonely goat in the middle of a piece of fabric, so while I was waiting on my linen twill to arrive...

... I gave her a hill to stand on....

... an apple just out of reach...

and a tree for the apple to grow from.

.. and before I knew it, it turned into 'Apple Theif', a little quick version of what is yet to come.

The very day I finished playing with this, the linen twill arrived... Perfect timing.

Taupe or natural coloured twill is relatively easy to find, but I prefer to work my crewel designs on an ivory ground instead. I like the ivory - it works better with the colour palettes I tend to use, but finding ivory twill proved to be more difficult. I did find it retail, but that is no good since I intend to kit this project... so the hunt was on.
I want to stitch the the panel on linen twill instead of the firm even weave I normally use - and adore to work on! The reason being, that the new panel is a decent size, my largest to date, and I think the weight of the twill will support the embroidery better.

Now that it is here, I can finally get on with the 'real' project.
Have a lovely weekend,
Anna X

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