Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Shades of pink

There are pink threads all over my table today.

I am not really a pink girl, so my stash of pink threads is not a large as some of my more favourite colours. Still, I think I have enough to choose from for this next project. I have bright pinks, mauve pinks, salmon pinks, magenta pinks, dusky pinks......
It always surprises me just how big a difference the slightest change to a shade makes to an overall piece of embroidery.
I am getting ready to stitch a piece for a coming class on needlepainting. The motif is build up around a silk shaded tulip - one of my favourite flowers. I guess, I could just pick a run of colours, that way I would be certain that the shades blend nicely, but I think that by bringing shades together that are from different groups or families can help give the shading a bit of a lift and sparkle.

The only way to see if these threads work properly together is stitching little trail pieces. I am leaning towards shades of pink that has the slightest bit of yellow in them, without being salmon with a tiny bit of watermelon pink thrown into the mix. It is still not quite right but I think it is getting there...

Enjoy your Wednesday
Best stitches Anna

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