Friday, November 25, 2016

Shades of green...

... there are millions!!!

I have before talked about how much the slightest change in a shade can can change the look of an entire design. It is incredible the difference it can make - but it can also be ever so frustrating to get that perfect colour combination right...!

Last I shared my progress on this piece, I told you the long slender leaves were coming out... the shades of green were just not right (I wish colours were better on screen, but you just have to trust me on that one.) There wasn't much in it really - it just didn't quite gel and feel right. 
I liked the blueish green at the base, but the tip was too bright and the shades didn't blend as smooth as I would like.
The question was whether to go more blue or more yellow.....??

Laying the skeins side by side will give an indication if you are on the right track, but there is only really one way to test how shades will blend and that is to stitch them. The thing with this project is also that because I am stitching on a coloured ground, that too will alter how the thread colours look.

I don't spend any length of time on these little samples - just enough to get an idea how the shades will look against the remainder of the embroidery. Again, the photograph + the screen colour is not perfect, but it gives you an idea of the difference I hope.

Although I must admit, I am not looking forward to pulling out the two original leaves, the new, blue-green leaves look so much better! The one below it the original colour scheme. The new ones use the same shade at the base, but the two lighter colours are changed.
I got all the long leaves stitches last night, so once those two are pulled out and re-stitched all there is left to do is the heart-shaped wreath of little daisies.....

...just as well it is almost finished - I am using this piece for a class in only 3 weeks, so I better get on with it...

Have a wonderful weekend.
Anna X


  1. It is looking gorgeous ! That is such a beautiful blue linen that you have chosen to stitch on too !

  2. Green is just SO important! I always say one can never have enough greens. There's something about green which *must* be right, whereas one can 'make do' with other colours.