Thursday, November 3, 2016

Drifting in the Breeze - WIP

How do you stitch a cloud?

I have been pondering that ever since I began this project. But first...

...I have finished the jacket and (apart from still not having a face) this chap is starting to take shape. 
It was a bit tricky to get the two pieces to fit nicely - they were a bit 'snug' across his belly - so I will need to remember to allow more room for the body next time. 

I had thought, I would leave the clouds to the very end but I couldn't bear looking at that stump of a foot any longer. Now that it is resting in the cloud, it looks a lot better.
I don't know if you remember the drawing - the clouds are kind of interlocking spirals (there is a drawing here). The question was how to get them looking fluffy, light and airy without at the same time looking heavy and overpower the figure.  

The choice to use Ghiordes knots (or Turkey knots) was what came to mind first. Usually when I have used this stitch, I use it in close rows to then cut open and brush up to form a pile - but for the clouds I wanted to keep little loops in rows along the spirals to keep the shapes. 
He seems to be resting pretty cosily in his cloud, don't you think?

I have stitched the cloud spirals with a mix of mohair and silk. It wasn't as difficult to keep the loops even as I thought it might be but I was not sure if the yarn would be too bulky and I would lose the shapes of the spirals. To counter act it, I have deliberately not stitched the loops as tight as I would if was going to cut them. 
The turkey knots would be much too heavy for the two smaller clouds so I am testing a different method.

I use the same blend of mohair and silk and couch it down with silk. Instead of keeping the laid threads flat, I leave a little loop between each couching stitch (I hold a yarn darner under the laid threads). It looks interesting, I guess, but I am not sure yet because the shapes of the spirals seem to get a little lost...

I am glad this guy is now looking more comfy because I think he might have to be set aside (again!) because...

... The yarns for SCARLET GLORY has just arrived, so there are KITS to be packed.. AT LAST!!!

There has been so much going on here in the Studio lately and so much more in the pipeline.... It is all super exciting, but I really want to keep the blog space for things I am working on or ideas and how to's - that kind of thing.
So I have decided to start a NEW MONTHLY NEWSLETTER so that if you like, you can keep up to date with what is new in the Studio, in the Shop and in the way of Classes here, there & everywhere. 
The first BRAND NEW NEWSLETTER is ready to go out tomorrow, Friday - so if you want to subscribe all you need to do is click HERE

For now I better put my 'floating man' away and get kit packing...
Best stitches,
Anna X


  1. Hello Anna, that fellow sure looks comfy, what a great work you've done on his cloud, it's so wonderfully cloudy! Just one little thing jumps out at me but please don't take my word for it, just see what you think yourself. It just seems to me like the foot is little cut off, like as if it need a little extra cloud below the foot for enough cloud to hide it, or that a little bit of shoe needs to be peaking below the cloud that's there. Believe me, I'm not poking holes in your glorious work, or cloud, but just something I noticed. I'm not usually in contact but I follow you carefully as love everything you do. Beaut proficiency. I had 'stuff' but 'thesaurused' it and doubt it's the right word even Aussie wise. Anyway 'proficiency' popped up way down the page so there it is, spot on!
    Cheers, Kath

    1. Yes, I keep looking at that foot dangling in thin air... perhaps a little swirly cloud will make it look more at ease. ;-)