WIP - Drifting on the Breeze

What a week it has been! Beating Around was (as always) amazing and so much fun. I mean, with 250+ stitchers gathered in one spot, catching up with old friends and make new ones, how can it not be?
After weeks of preparation and teaching, I am trying to clean up today. My workroom/studio looks like a bomb has hit it to put it mildly. It is impossibly for me to stitch in such a mess, but I am taking a break from sorting, unpacking and re-arranging 'stuff' for an update on 'the floating man' as he was quickly dubbed by those who came to see him in the class room last week.

My sister thinks thinks he looks like 'the Blue Violinist' by Marc Chagall which I bought poster off with my hard-earned pocket money at an age where my friends had pop stars on their walls. I do love that painting, but no, my floating man is not a violinist, though I can see the resemblance.

Last you saw him HERE, he was headless the poor chap and wearing just a single trouser leg....

He has a head now... The details of the face is still to come, but it is so much nicer to work with person who has a head LOL.
I am still contemplating his hair and most likely a hat of some kind.
I have managed a bit of time here and there, and have got the jacket sleeves made and stitched in place.

I would normally leave 'loose' bits of clothing, like a floating scarf, until last but decided it would be impossible to get it to sit nicely after the sleeves. Besides, I was itching to use this brightly coloured silk somewhere. Aren't the variegated colours in this silk just fabulous!

So there he is - just lazing about and taking it easy waiting for me to finish his clothes. And no, the poor chap has not lost a foot, it is simply resting in a cloud still to come (how to stitch a cloud???).

The last jacket pieces are finished and ready to be stitches on... but first, back to tidying up. As much as I don't like cleaning up, I dislike working in mess even more.

Have a lovely weekend,
Anna X


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