Jewels of Summer

If you have been following the snippets of 'stuff' I post on facebook, you would have seen a little teasers of a new project I have been working on...

I love stitching these patterns of non-specific flowers. Because they are not real flowers, just flower forms, I can just play with what-ever colours and stitches that takes me fancy. It is nice and relaxing and fun not to have to worry about it looking 'right'.

This embroidery has been around the world with me. Much of the stitching was done on planes between Europe and Australia, and a lovely morning sitting in the shade on a vineyard in Penedes, Spain. It will soon travel again, because it is designed for my next Introduction to hand embroidery class in Bangkok in December and then back as a 5 week in Adelaide early in the new year. Who would have thought embroidery could take you around the world like that?

One of the things I find so fascinating about embroidery, is that you can create intricate and detailed patterns even with the most easily accessible materials and a limited palette of stitches. This new project was designed with beginners in mind and is worked in stranded cotton, using just 9 basic stitches.

It is not deliberate that I haven't shown the full design yet. I get so caught up in the part I am working on that I kind of forget the overall picture for a while. So here it is...

(As you may know, this naming of designs 'thing' is the hardest thing for me ever - I would be lost without my fabulous name-brain-storming-sessions with my dear friend and word smith, Heidi - Thank you!)

I realise that at first glance this may not look particularly beginner-rish, but trust me - one stitch at a time and you can do anything. I am certain it will be a great project to teach and for stitchers to learn, practise and become confident while creating something beautiful in the process.

There is still a bit to do - instructions to write, diagrams to draw, kits to pack, not to mention; what to make it into???. But I am excited and happy with how it has turned out.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Anna X


  1. Anna, this is so pretty. I also really like the stitch 'reminder' that you designed. Thanks for sharing all your designs and thought processes with us - plus the photo of you in Spain (so jealous). Enjoy your time at home :)

  2. Hope it will be a kit in your etsy shop eventually! It's beautiful, love the frenchknot flower head.

    1. Hi Helen - it certainly will be. It should be up and ready around Christmas time. x

  3. Anna - what a delightful design. And what design talent you have.


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