Friday, May 6, 2016


I am not sure where the last couple of weeks have gone, but I feel I can finally catch my breath.

It always seems as if no matter how organised I think I am, I end up in a bit of a mad panic but I have finished turning piles and baskets of what seemed like mountains of kits supplies three neat piles of kits for the classes in Bangkok next week.

Unlike previous trips, I am teaching three different techniques this time, two of which are new designs.

We will be starting with a two day crewel embroidery workshop using the new Snow Berries design. It may look detailed but I designed it especially as an introduction to crewel embroidery so it is not as tricky as it may look. I have as usual made up a couple of extra kits for the Shop (just a couple for now, but I will make more when I get back) and uploaded the PDF pattern. The fabric in these kits are large enough to make up a decent size pillow without having to add extra fabric for borders. You can find the FREE Simple Edge Pillow pattern here.

I guess we all get a little caught up in using the same techniques over and over. As much as I love my crewel and raised embroidery, I was really happy to be asked if I would teach my Thai students hem stitch. I don't think the fascination with neat rows of patterns created by 'holes' will ever fade. There really is a timeless beauty to this kind of work. I have put this PDF pattern in Shop if anyone would like to make the Pincushion.

Toadstools & Brambles raised embroidery panel is the third project I will be teaching on this trip. One of tricks with creating designs for workshops is to offer something that is both achievable and appealing. This project is not small, but it works really well as an introduction to some of the techniques used to create 3D embroidery. There are really no tricky stitches in this piece - a few needle-woven picots would have to be the only stitch that is not used in general surface embroidery.

With all the kits ready to go, all there is left for me to do is to pack my suitcase and sort out my own stitching paraphernalia - who knows, I might even get a bit of embroidery done myself while I am away. I have not stitched for weeks and my fingers are itching...

Have a fabulous weekend,
Anna X

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  1. I'm sure your students will enjoy their stitching time with you. What lovely projects. Have a great trip.


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