Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stitch chat...

... Along the Grapevine
I hope you all had a lovely break with family and friends over the Easter break. We spent a couple of day catching up on bits and pieces around home, before heading up the river to spend a day with family. It was really, really nice to get away, even if it was just for a day and brief sleep-over before heading back.

Before we left I spent an afternoon stitching quite a few of the grapes on my latest crewel embroidery project. It is great fun creating these plump little circles, randomly mixing the different shades of dark pinks. I know I have mentioned how much a love Whipped spider's web stitch before, but it really is so easy to do. I guess the one thing that can be a bit tricky, is getting the spokes evenly spaced around the circle. This is what I do...

 1. First I divide the circle into halves by placing two opposite stitches. Each is stitched from the edge into the centre.
 2. If I need eight spokes, I then divide it into quarters - again placing each stitch from the outside into the centre.
 3. It is now easy to divide each quarter and that way get eight evenly spaced spokes.

4. Whipping. The trick to get the whipping sitting nicely is pushing at rounds towards the centre, rather than pulling the wraps tight.
I push the needle towards the centre each time I slide it under the spokes to make sure the wraps are close together.
I find this works much better than trying to get them into place by pulling the thread tight, especially when working with wool.

I have put a FREE download of the stitch for you here.

I usually don't like doing anything more than once, or repeating the same stitch or pattern over and over, but with these Whipped Spider's web berries, I am really enjoying watching the individual circles coming together and turning into a bunch.

Happy stitching,


  1. Some of those grapes look like velvet. I love the effect.

  2. Lovely. I did grapes on a silk Susan O'Connor piece with french knots, and I had a lot of trouble getting them to stay round. I may rip them out and use this technique.

    1. Oh no, not reverse stitching! Then again, if they bother you perhaps take the plunge. I usually find that if something is not right, it is all I see when a piece is finished. :-(

  3. That one wrong stitch if not corrected is like an itch you cannot scratch! :D

  4. I spent last evening practising six little Whipped Spider Webs..and I am delighted that I can at last do this ! Thankyou ! :)