Summer pleasures?

We got a little surprise when we got back from our mini break... We knew the dry spring and hot weather had made the vines think is was summer long before they should, but seeing grapes starting to turn colour this early is unheard of. It is not meant to happen for another week or two!.

There is only one thing to do - get ready to get the nets on before the parrots eat them all. Up row, down row, checking all is good to go.

Our vineyard may not be big, but certainly more than big enough when things have to happen fast. 

Our only helper is really not much help at all, but nice to have her company - and look, she is slowing growing in to those ears!

I hope you get to have a nice relaxing weekend.

Happy Friday,


  1. As the snow accumulates here in my northern hemisphere yard, my toes are warmed by the sunshine you've captured in your vineyard and your girl resting in the shade. Happy New Year to you, Anna! :-)

    1. I would be more than happy to share some heat and sunshine - we have more than enough of it at the moment...

  2. It's so nice to see the green leaves in the sunshine - it's snowing here in Colorado.

    1. Hi Cynthia - I grew up in the northern hemisphere and must admit that although I love skiing, I do not miss the cold, dark winters... having said that a break from the constant heat waves we are having would be nice.


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