Lone Tree WIP

I have been quietly chipping away at the orange and ochre dunes...

... just a narrow strip remain and they will meet the sky.

I was a little concerned at one point that it would get too boring and bland with such a restricted colour palette. I am not worried any more.

I am oh so close, one side almost touches...

... the other nearly there too. I am in the middle of covering one of the last dunes with needle weaving - a single strand of cotton onto silk. The subtle but structured blending of shade sits nicely against the more 'random' shading of the variegated threads and I like the super smooth surface it creates.. but it is oh so fiddly to do, especially when I need to avoid catching the already stitched parts. Slowly does it...

Now the end is in sight, I am keen to get it finished. Not so much because I want to finish it but I am looking forward to seeing it finished - if that makes any sense. Besides, the 'doodles' and ideas for other things are mounting fast both in my note books and in my head.

Only a few more dunes and then.. the large blue sky.

Happy sunday
Anna X


  1. The color and texture are beautiful. I can't wait to see it when it is finished.

  2. Beautiful! It really speaks "Australia" to me. Not that I know much, having been there once.

  3. I love all the different stitches you are using to create texture and dimension - can't wait to see it finished too.

  4. Just love the textures the different stitching is achieving. Beautiful work!

  5. Thanks everyone for your beautiful comments.


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