Wednesday, January 20, 2016

At long last

I know the saying goes that 'all good things take time' but the time it has taken me to prepare my MEADOW BLOOM design as a kit is almost border lining on embarrassing.

But the KIT is finally in the SHOP and it feels good to have it completed and those who have waited to patiently on this one, at long last have the opportunity to stitch their own version of this design. It was such fun to do, with loads of different stitches.

The colour scheme for the MEADOW BLOOM design was inspired by a piece of beautiful fabric that a sweet friend once gave to me with a 'I am sure you can do something with that..' Isn't is stunning? 

I used it to make the finished embroidery into a rectangular cushion which was featured in issue 87 of INSPIRATIONS magazine. There is just enough left to cut JUST 5 PIECES, big enough to make more cushions like this one.
If you want to make a cushion and don't have a copy of INSPIRATIONS you can find the instructions on how the make the cushion on my website under FREE patterns & Projects. The instructions are perfect for making any square piece of embroidery into a decent size bolster style pillow.

Have a lovely week,
Anna X

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  1. Really lovely designs you have done. I've been thinking of making a cushion similar to yours with an applique design using my Sewing Makes Me Happy machine. Thanks for posting!