Thursday, August 20, 2015

Raised Embroidery - Partridge

I am really not good at stitching anything more than once, so the little partridge project is coming along much more slowly than I would like. Then again I have managed to make some progress.

The Stem is finished. To get it nicely round and raised, I chose to cover close rows of stem stitch with very close whipping. Satin stitch can work too, but it is more difficult to get the edges super neat and I find this method raises narrow shapes higher off the background - like a real twig.

The Leaf on the main embroidery is also finished. The shape is first outlined with tiny split stitches. Then each half is padded - for this one I have simply worked two layers of straight stitches. Instead of covering it with satin stitch, I have used blanket stitch (or buttonhole stitch). This is fast becoming one of my favourite stitches because it is so versatile and I love the neat, little raised edge that naturally forms along the outline.
A line of small, round chain stitches are used to finish the centre vein.

The Partridge is padded and ready to be covered. To get this one nice a plump, I start with two small bits of felt - one for the head and one for the shoulder. Then two more pieces go over the shoulder piece, each slightly bigger than the previous.

All of these are held in place with just enough little stitches to keep them from moving about.
The top layer of padding is the same shape as the marked shape. This one is first held in place in the same way as the previous pieces and then the edge is stitched down all the way around with tiny stitches placed closer together. It may sound tedious but this part is actually quite quick.

Now I probably should spend a bit of time on the the poor partridge this afternoon, so that the unattractive felt can be covered with a coat of embroidered plumes, but...

...the sun is shining and Nala has convinced me I need to go a toss a ball. (Talk about procrastinating!) 

Hope you are having a great Thursday,
Anna x

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