Goldwork Finished

... drum roll...

I have named it 

The finishing touch involved tidying up the outline with a fine pearl purl wire and a beautifully dark raspberry colours stranded silk from Colour Streams

Pearl purl is a very 'chunky', rather rigid metal thread. It comes as a hollow coil like a spring and looks a little like a string of gold beads. When you stretch it right out you get this beautiful continues coil which, when stitched down with coloured thread results in a fabulous candy stripe outline.
If you are not familiar with pearl purl you can jump over to Needle 'n' Thread where Mary Corbet has several articles on it and how to use it.

You can wrap the coloured threads into the purl before you stitch it down, but I had already cut the skein of silk for another project to the strands weren't long enough. Instead I had to stitch into every single coil along the outline.

It worked a treat. I am really, really happy with this one and look forward to getting it laced up ready to be framed. The best thing about finishing - I can start a new piece! - And trust me, I have had plenty of ideas while stitching this one. If only there were more hours in the day...

Have a fabulous weekend,
Anna x

PS Below are the list of post for this project if you want to check back and see how this piece came about.
The start | Progress 1 | Progress 2 | Progress 3 | Progress 4 | Progress 5


  1. Anna, this is such a glorious piece! Thanks for sharing the photo of the inspiration; you have really done it justice.

  2. Beautiful! I love the silk wrapped purl, very effective

  3. Oh that is beautiful and the name is perfect! I love all the different stitch techniques you've included in the design ... really lovely! Oh, and looking forward to seeing the 'other ideas' when you've decided which to go with next! :)

  4. It looks wonderful Anna! I've enjoyed watching you tackle this project and I'm now looking forward to seeing what's next!

  5. Beautiful! I've enjoyed watching you stitch it.

  6. Absolutely stunning!! Will you sell directions?

  7. I'm wondering the same thing as Cynthia. Might you turn this into a project for sale? It's so very pretty.

  8. It is really beautiful, Anna! I love all the different textures, and the lines are so elegant. Nice finish!

  9. Oh, my! Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful feedback. I cannot tell you how much it means to me.
    Will I make a pattern??? I have not quite decided yet, but perhaps I will after reading all of this. Anna x

  10. Anna, how beautiful, how stunning. I know you have named it. Being a NZer, to me it says 'koru'.

    1. Wow - thanks Erica. Had to look up what a 'koru' was...LOL I see what you mean, perhaps next time on a beautiful green silk....

  11. This Nautilus is so elegant and beautiful. A pattern would be good!

  12. So beautiful! I see it won second over at - congratulations!


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