Thursday, December 11, 2014

If only I could...

... I would make the trip to Europe in August to do some of the workshops at the Bath Textile Summer School.

Held from August 17th to the 22nd at the Holburne Museum and the Bath Literary and Scientific Institute, the beautiful venues and surroundings alone would be worth the trip.

'Boat' Sue Dove
In 'the land of make believe', I imagine doing the Artwork for Textile workshop with with Sue Dove. I have her book 'Painting with Stitches' and the way she interprets colour in stitch is really intriguing. Spending a couple of days in her company, ripping paper and playing with crayons before interpreting my so called 'art' in stitches sounds like so much fun.
Beadwork by Heather Kingsley-Heath

Or, I would do something completely different...

I would learn the intricate techniques of traditional Beadwork Embroidery with Heather Kingsley-Heath. I confess, I did bead embroidery for a living for a couple of years and I have not had the inclination to use beads much since, but this bronze coloured pod of peas really caught my eye - how do you do that?

The Holburne Museum recently acquired the most beautiful beadwork basket. The work is amazing, just have a look at the close-up picture on the Bath Summer School website. During the 2 day workshop you learn many of the techniques used - now that would be something.

Beadwork basket (46 x 33 x 13 cm)English Glass, coral and wooden beads, lampwork, fine wire. Ca. 1670. Holburne Museum. 

After that, for something completely different and to really step out of my comfort zone, I would definitely do Jo Lovelock's  Poetry of decay and learn to see things in a different perspective. At first glance this doesn't look very pretty or embroidery-like but the idea of seeing things not traditionally appreciated for embroidery in a different light really appeals to me. Have you ever looked at rust for instance? I mean, really looked. The patterns and colours are amazing. Imagine interpreting that - or an old discarded tin can in stitches. Somehow.

But that is all in 'the land of make believe' - I can only dream of going. If you are lucky enough to be able to go, you will need to book soon as some classes have already booked out and others are close to.
As for me, I guess I will wish for a new piggy bank for Christmas and start saving. Perhaps next year.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Somehow I always thought you were in Britain so it came as a bit of a surprise to find you are not, and even more so to find you are in Australia. Whereabouts in this great country of ours? I am in country Victoria.

    I love the Poetry of Decay. A lot of my work and my designs, aka work not done yet, is based on such things as tree bark. My next project is going to be and embroidery of very dark ridged tree bark oozing kina (the reddish coloured resin that comes from eucalyptus trees, used by the indigenous people for medicine etc).

    I have no hope of ever getting near Britain or Europe or anywhere else now, so I will dream along with you. Perhaps you can do it for us both.

    1. Hi there, no I am in Adelaide. I grew up in Denmark but have been here for quite some time. I had a look at your blog - your work is fabulous.