Friday, October 17, 2014

I am inspired...

... by Amanda McCavour 
Hands from 'Cat's Cradle' (2007)

Well actually, I am completely blown away by this super amazing artist! 
I came across her work on Pinterest and it is simply mesmerising. 

'Floating Garden'

These stunning and clever pieces, lightweight, fragile and elegant are made from nothing but thread. Aren't they beautiful? 

I have mentioned water-soluble stabiliser before as a means of getting your embroidery designs onto woollen fabrics if you can't be bothered tacking it. I am personally not a fan of the stuff for various reasons, but I know many stitchers who love it for transferring designs.
However, this is how this 'magic' fabric really comes to its full potential. Amanda uses the material to sew her motifs onto with just a sewing machine in interlocking layers of stitching, kind of like drawing with stitches. Once the material is dissolved she is left with these lacy, dream-like motifs. 

Living Room (2010-2011)
So how big are they? Well, she certainly doesn't skimp on size, just look at her standing in her 'Living Room'. 

Amanda McCavour in her 'Living Room'
Finding amazing, jaw-dropping and beautiful works by creative artists like Amanda is one of the reasons I love, love, love Pinterest. I will most certainly be keeping an eye on what she gets up to.

If this is a sign of what my weekend is going to be like, I cannot wait to see what else is in store...
Have a great weekend,
Anna x


  1. I love Amanda's work too! And of course Pinterest.

  2. Wow these are gorgeous! My favourite has to be the birds. Pinterest is super too.

  3. Wow! Those are amazing! I also recently discovered an embroidery artist who uses the same technique - Meredith woolnough. I was wondering if there were others!