Thursday, July 3, 2014

Colour mix-up

I am enjoying my wool embroidered daises and they are coming along just fine... well almost.

The three shades of cream I am using as my main colours are so hard to tell apart once they are cut from the skeins and I discovered this morning that I had managed to use two different shades for the outer petals on the small daisy. Just as well I am really good at 'reverse stitching'.

I am usually pretty good at keeping my threads sorted while I stitch. My trick for keeping stranded threads under control and not getting shades mixes up is to only cut one strand at at time. You can then easily pull out just that one strand and the rest don't end up in a big bird's nest where you can't keep track of what is which. This is particularly handy when I use 6 or 7 stranded cotton and silks and only need one strand at a time. I hate to think the mess I would get in if I cut the whole length!

Enjoy your Friday,
Anna x

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