Monday, June 23, 2014

Winter Woollies

The weather has been terrible in Adelaide today - only good for one thing really: Curling up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea - right, in my dreams!

Remember this little sneak peak I showed you a few weeks ago??

Here is the whole reveal. It is a wool embroidered drawstring bag published in the latest issue of Tickle the Imagination. I love how it is presented (thank you, Tanya) - doesn't it look cosy?

The FREE online version of the magazine is out now and the printed copies should be in news agencies on the 3rd of July. The theme of this issue is Eclectic Folk and it is packed with colour and beautiful ideas like these retro Vintage Tea towel pillows by Helen Louise Wilkinson of Blossom & Cat and my favourite, the most fantastical Frida Kahlo inspired Children's clothing.

Vintage Tea Towel pillows by Blossom & Cat, Tickle the Imagination, issue 16
Channelling Frida, Tickle the Imagination issue 16
I am really super excited about having a project in this magazine, you could say I am tickled pink (sorry, bad joke but too obvious so I couldn't help it...). I have had embroidery projects published before and it is always amazing to have others appreciate your work enough to give it space in a publication. The reason I find this one so special is that Tickle is not a dedicated embroidery magazine - but a gorgeous and fabulously inspiring crafty lifestyle type of magazine which means people who would not usually think to stitch might, just might pick up a needle. Oh, one can only hope.

Stitched with lovely wool, this design is so simple - just four different stitches and so easy to make up, so it is great as a beginners project. The full step by step instructions and full size pattern are in the magazine which leads me to the next bit of EXCITING NEWS.....

If you have never tried to get a pattern onto wool, you would not know what a terrible fabric it is when it comes to marking patterns and you may not find this very exciting - But, by the end of next week, I will have this design available pre-printed (yes, you read right PRINTED!!!) onto the the softest cashmere velour. This is so amazing - I could have hugged the printer and cried when I picked up the first beautifully printed samples last week.

For now, although I do have a soft spot for paper pages, I will curl up in bed and slowly enjoy this issue of Tickle the Imagination.

Thank you tickle team for letting me be part of it.

Anna x


  1. what a beautiful project! I love the combination of red and teal

  2. Conratulations on having your work published in Tickle the Imagination! Very exciting, looking forward to getting my hands on a hard copy :) In the meantime, I'll enjoy the online version. Wonderful!