Saturday, June 28, 2014

Winter diasies

It took a little while this year - but winter has certainly found its way to Adelaide this week. Windy, wet and miserable, leaves only one option... stay inside and start a new wool embroidery project!
I have had this piece of beautiful blue wool blanketing stashed away for some time and I am pretty sure it is the perfect back drop for some pretty cream and yellow daisies. I also know exactly what to do with it when it is finished. Easy to guess, right?

You may have noticed I use stem stitch quite a bit no matter what type of embroidery I do. It is such great and versatile stitch - one of my favourites for both lines and filling spaces. There is a little trick to getting neat points though. Because the stitches finish and start at the same point, your last stitch will inevitably come undone. You can of course leave a tiny space or overlap the stitches at the corner - but there is another way. You may know this trick, but in case you don't I have have put a quick little step-by-step for neat Stem stitch corners HERE that you might find helpful.

Have a fabulous weekend - I will be spending mine in front of the fire.
Happy stitching,
Anna x

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  1. Thenk you Anna! Great tip!! Thank you for all the sewing tidbits that you give us! The finisf
    H is so much better using your hints��