Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mid-week madness

I got a very large parcel yesterday...

... a big bolt of the beautiful Graziano linen I use for much of my crewel work. Looking all lovely and gorgeous, neatly tied with ribbon and little labels.

 I have never bought this amount of fabric in one go before and the thought of cutting into it was rather terrifying. A few deep breaths...

... and a couple of hours later, the table was covered with six stacks of squares and a sprinkling of fine white dust from all the cutting. Today they are off to the printer and then ready for packing - my first big order of patterns. 

I know that getting hold of this beautiful linen can be a little tricky and on top of that it is rather pricey if you have to buy it by the meter. So, unlike the full kits in My Shop, these patterns will just contain the instruction booklet (so excited about how beautiful they look now that they are printed professionally), needles and the linen pre-printed with the design - that's right, no tracing. How good is that? You can then also easily change the colours to the ones you love and have in your stash.

It has been a big job getting it to this point and I really am over the moon about getting my patterns into the shops - well shop at this point. At this point, these patterns will only be available through Create in Stitch in Adelaide. Anyway, I have stacks of squares to press and neaten and then off to the printer...

Happy Stitching,

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  1. Just seeing a bolt of linen gets me excited to stitch and design!!! So exciting for you!!! I'm looking to print patterns as did you decide what method to use??? I have several you have a place that will do it? of luck to you...your work looks wonderful!!