Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Heading out

As much as I (sometimes) miss my kids being little and cute (yes, those big boys were cute once upon a time), I love how we can now just do things without having to worry too much about them. So last night we decided to head out 'somewhere' for a couple of days. Simply jump in the car and get away...

Before we go, I just wanted to give you a tiny sneak peak to something I have been working on...

Yes, with the weather now cooling down, I have been picking up my lovely woollen yarns again. I can't show you too much only Tickle your Imagination...

Enjoy the rest of your week,


  1. Looks gorgeous as usual Anna - love the colours you've chosen! Hugs from Heidi

  2. Enjoy your adventure! And I can't wait to see more of these pretty flowers...Chrissie x