Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brother Rabbit returns

Tail... check

Ears and face... check

Brother Rabbit is ready to bounce...

...or as I think he prefers, sit quietly under a shady leaf.
With only a couple of weeks until Easter, my self-set deadline is drawing ever so rapidly closer. Without stress or haste, I feel quietly confident that 'Happy Easter Brother Rabbit' will be complete - shady leaves and all - before the holiday weekend.

I have been really disciplined (for a change) and drafted instructions after every little stitching session (almost) so I am also pretty sure the kits will be ready in two weeks time as planned. I was lucky enough to find a perfect piece of silk fabric for the kits the other day and will be ordering the threads and other bits and pieces at the end of this week.

If you think, you might like the kit for this project it would be really helpful if you would let me know. Of course there is no obligation but I am always uncertain about how many kits to make and how much 'stuff' to order, Getting some feedback would be so helpful and give me a bit on an indication. After a quick calculation this kit, with everything you need to complete the embroidery and of course detailed instructions, is likely to be around $60-$65. If you don't like leaving a public comment you can email me here. I really appreciate your feedback.

Now back to those shady leaves....

Have a lovely week,
Anna x


  1. Brother rabbit is adorable! If he's anything like my buns, he'll sit there under that shady leaf for hours!

  2. The price seems reasonable! Such a beautiful color palette and work!

  3. He is just beautiful! I don't know if I would be brave enough to buy a kit, LOL!

  4. Hi Anna, I would like to buy a kit from you for this project...Brother Rabbit is lovely in design and colours and I know I would really enjoy stitching him for myself. Best wishes, Dianne