Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hot off the hoop

I don't really mind hot weather but with the 12th day in a row over 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) in Adelaide it is fair to say I do start to look forward to a cool change. My poor veggie garden is surviving (just) but looks strangely like the tent city at some groovy music festival.

Not very flattering really. But underneath is a cosy little haven, the plants are hanging in there - gasping for air, but hanging in there none the less.

Embroidery and heat doesn't go well together but sitting idle is not really my strong point - my fingers itch. Besides I was dying to try these fabulous colours for my little flower sampler. 

Part of the 'Elephant Festival' range by Shelly Penko on Spoonflower
These are prints from Shelly Penko's 'Elephant Festival' range on Spoonflower that first gave me the idea - how can you not want to dive in to these amazing colours? I have ordered a piece of the 'Elephant Festival Flowers" (left) which I plan to use when I make the project up into - something. Just short of 13cm (5") tall, it is a good size for a journal cover perhaps? 

So, positioning myself directly under the ceiling fan, I sat out to just stitch a little bit, just enough to try those glorious colours... then a bit more... and a few more stitches... and then I only really had a tiny bit to go so...

...I finished it (yes it had cooled down enough to venture outside by then). I just love, love, love this colour scheme. It is not a colour combination I in my wildest fantasy would have picked, but it was such a joy to stitch. In fact I am quite certain that a much larger project could be on its way!
However this on is small, partly because it is designed for a one day workshop. So, it needs a name - any suggestions?

Have a glorious, colourful week,
Anna x


  1. So beautiful, Anna! I love the design of your flower! And of course, I adore the colors too! :)

  2. It is quite a jolly little flower, Anna! I really like the vine inset into the right leaf. Hmm, name...

    Maybe just Festival Flower would work? Although I like Elephant's Flower too.

  3. Gorgeous! Love the colours - (Purple) Passionflower?

  4. What a gorgeous little piece! I like Elephant's Flower suggested by Monica.

  5. I love your Bollywood flower ! ...also I just had to zoom down and into your vegetable garden ( hope you dont mind ) for a look around . It is all looking very good indeed and makes me feel good to see this...when here in England the weather is so bad at the moment .

  6. that is beautiful. Such a gorgeous colour combination


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