Friday, February 21, 2014

Bag making

I had hoped to show you a finished bag with the AUTUMN GOLD crewel piece today.

I found a couple of fabrics a few days ago that I thought might work. Both happen to be from my friend Michele Hill's William Morris collection. As much as I love Michele's work, that is not why I chose them - they just fitted, the colours are perfect (I think) and the patterns compliment embroidery.

I found a fabulous Free pattern & tutorial for a Satchel/messenger bag HERE. The minute I saw it, I knew it was the perfect size and the fact that the blog is called 'No Time to Sew' kind of indicated that it couldn't be that difficult. It has a really handy front pocket under the flap and several internal pockets. I was certain that with a few very minor tweaks, such as piping the front, it would be just perfect! And it wasn't hard to make at all - the tutorial is brilliant. I was on a real roll, determined to finish in one go until....

... one of the internal pockets is a zipped pocket and with all the zips in my stash do I have one that can be used? - Yes, but it is lime green and I refuse to have a lime green zip inside my bag, even if nobody but me will ever see it. So, as even I cannot justify a one and half hour round trip in the car to buy a zip, the bag has come to a grinding halt.
I promise it will be finished on Monday and I will show you some better pictures.

Enjoy your Friday,
Anna x


  1. the embroidery is beautiful and the fabrics go perfectly. Do you have a zip in the right colour that's too long as you can always cut it down.

  2. This is going to be gorgeous! And thank you for the link, this bag is just the right size, isn't it? Just what I would want when I finish Breath of Spring. Whenever that will be!

  3. This is just the design for which I've been looking. I'm excited about making it for several projects.


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